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August 24, 2009 1:39 AM

25 Top Reasons to be Excited About the KU Football Season

The Jayhawks squeaked their way into the AP Top-25 poll by claiming the final spot. That might not be where true Jayhawk fans want their team to be, but let's be honest, preseason polls are about as accurate as my driving-the-fairway percentage-- somewhere between zero and not much.

So here are 25 reasons to be excited about the upcoming 'Hawks season.

25. Nebraska is returning to the site where it gave up more than 3/4 of 100 points in 2007.

24. Tood Reesing, Dezmon Briscoe, and Co. promise to take longer on their scoring drives so the defense is on the field as short as possible.

23. K-State coach Bill Snyder is older, but many hoping not wiser.

22. (With apologies to Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford) Tim Tebow doesn't play in the Big XII

21. Another chance to beat Mizzou on the final drive of the game.

20. A chance to beat a school affiliated with Coach K.

19. The 'Hawks play outside of Texas, Missouri, or Kansas only once all season.

18. Chase Daniel is trying to make an NFL roster instead of picking apart the Jayhawk defense.

17. Oklahoma at KU -- Face it KU (or pretty much anyone else) isn't winning in Norman any time soon.

16. Fall weather+tailgating in Lawrence=nothing better.

15. Goal posts ending up in Potter Lake. Although, football's version of storming the court may not be acceptable behavior for KU football fans anymore.

14. Waiving the Wheat. Corny to anyone outside of Jayhawk Nation, but great to watch fans perform it from the opposite side of the stadium.

13. Head coach Mark Mangino. Jayhawk fans aren't ready to call him the Football Roy Williams yet. Of course, he hasn't back stabbed the entire fan base yet either. (Note: I am actually over the whole Roy Williams-leaving thing, but I still like to make jokes).

12. Briscoe

11. Jayhawk fans are no longer out-numbered at home games.

10. When the 'Hawks play Mizzou in Kansas City this November, they will have been the best "home" team play in Arrowhead all season.

9. The red unis. Sure Texas Tech dismantled the crimson-clad 'Hawks last year 63-21. But KU is 6-1 under Mangino in red, plus they look really cool.

8. A beer at The Crossing. Oh wait...

7. KU is a basketball school everyone says. I guess that means anything good the football teams does is a plus.

6. Kerry Meier

5. Anyone who went to school at KU from 1999-2004 (that would be me) could witness more victories this season than all 5 of those years combined.

4. Reesing grew six inches over the summer. Not really, but Jayhawk fans aren't NFL scouts - THEY DON'T CARE he's only 5-11.

3. Baby Jay turns 38 this year a few days before the UTEP game. She looks like she hasn't aged a day since 1971 and shows up every fall to help the 'Hawks win. It would be nice if Reesing could pull of something like that.

2. To say the Big XII North isn't as strong as the South, is like saying KU fans would like to beat Mizzou again this year -- in other words, the understatement of the season.

1. Reesing. Enough said.

Out. JayhawkMike

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