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August 25, 2009 5:03 AM

Top-5 Lists From My Days Covering KU

In honor of John Cusak in "High Fidelity" here are a few top-5 lists from my days as a Jayhawk reporter covering the mens' basketball and womens' volleyball teams.

Top-5 coach interviews

5. Bill Self, Kansas - Just a straight shooter. He never gave you anything crazy, but you felt good after talking to him.

4. Scott Drew, Baylor - It was right after the murder of Patrick Dennehy. Just by the way he talked you could tell he carried a sadness for Dennehy(even though he wasn't the head coach at the time), and wanted more than anything for his group of guys to win.

3. Bobby Knight, Texas Tech - Always a good interview. But he was much more animated during the game than in the interveiw afterwards, so he only gets number three.

2. Ricardo Patten, Colorado - Listening to him try and defend David Harrison and his actions after another blowout loss to KU was almost comical.

1. Jerry Wainwright, Richmond - Talking to him after UofR upset KU at Allen Fieldhouse was like talking to a giddy third-grader on Christmas.

Top-5 memorable road trips

5. Stillwater, Oklahoma - This is on the list because of how terrible it was. KU gets blown out by 20. I have to drive back home in the middle of the night as another reporter (I'm looking at you Ryan Greene) and camera girl sleep the entire trip back. For the kicker, I end up skipping my class the next day and my teacher doesn't care I didn't get home until 4 a.m.

4. Columbia, Missouri - Going to Columbia is never fun for a Jayhawk fan. But as a reporter I was supposed to be non-biased. The volleyball team then lost in 5 to the Tigers, a match they should have won. The drive back was brutal just because of the outcome of the match.

3. Minneapolis, Minnesota - The eight-hour drive with a friend to cover a volleyball tournament wasn't bad. Getting a parking ticket in his car in downtown Minneapolis was.

2. Lincoln, Nebraska - Once again a bad trip as the 'Hawks lost one they shouldn't have. But what made this trip memorable is I first discovered how cool texting is, and actually used the wrong bathroom inside the arena and didn't notice until I saw the perplexed look on a woman's face who was walking in as I was walking out. I wonder if Greene still remembers that?

1. Malibu, California - It was Malibu, California. In December. Any other questions?

Top-5 overall moments

5. Learning the game of volleyball. I didn't tell the players or coaches this, but almost everything I learned about the sport came from covering it. I loved it though. One of the best gigs ever.

4. Lunches - Free Chipotle before and free ice cream during halftime of basketball games doesn't get any better for a college student.

3. Having to dictate over the phone one of my stories around midnight to my editor while in Malibu. Computer problem wasn't my fault, but he didn't see it that way.

2. David Padgett's hook shot. Near buzzer-beater at Mizzou in March 2004 still ranks as one of the best Jayhawk moments I have witnessed in person.

1. Malibu. Again, any other questions?

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