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September 18, 2009 2:58 AM

Top 10 Reasons KU Will Win the Big XII North

Just because David Letterman doesn't do his show in Kansas is no reason there can't be a top-10 list for the Jayhawks. KU and Nebraska were picked by most to finish atop the Big XII North standings. If the 'Hawks were to do so, it would be the first championship since the league formed in 1996. Below are ten reasons why they will.

10. Five-foot, nine inch Todd Reesing, who proves everything isn't really bigger in Texas, uses revenge as a factor and beats two Texas teams from his home state that passed on giving him a scholarship.
9. Missouri will be forced to forfeit nearly all its games after it was revealed Chase Daniel was playing quarterback after week 2 disguised as Blaine Gabbert.
8. The 'Hawks get a week off, and an automatic victory, during the conference schedule when Iowa State comes to reality and forfeits, realizing there is no way on God's green earth they beat the Jayhawks.
7. OU loses to KU in Lawrence after home crowd actually out-numbers Sooner fans for first time since Big XII was formed.
6. KU goes to Texas and pulls off an incredible victory after UT wide receiver Jordan Shipley is called for a questionable offensive pass interference call late in the game.
5. Colorado head coach Dan Hawkins didn't actually know the game against the Jayhawks wasn't an exhibition until halfway through the third quarter.
4. K-State head coach Bill Snyder thinks it's 1999 and doesn't realize the 50-9 score is not in his favor until its too late.
3. Nebraska defensive players who were around in 2007 are afraid to exit the bus when they get their first glimpse of Memorial Stadium.
2. Before the start of the OU game, Kanye West shares his thoughts on the mega video board at Memorial Stadium: "OU, you gotta good team, but I think KU has a better one."
1. This.

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