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September 2, 2005 6:59 PM

Sports Astrology

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Famous Sports Astrologer Andrea Mallis Discusses The Mets
By Andrea Mallis

My journey as a devoted Mets fan began in 1973 during their magical “Ya Gotta Believe” season. Growing up in Queens, New York, right near Shea Stadium, I remember watching Kiner’s Korner on TV, and Mets’ broadcasts with perceptive Scorpio Ralph Kiner, eloquent Gemini Lindsey Nelson (in his psychedelic sports coats), and masterful Virgo Bob Murphy.

The Mets were in the cellar all summer long in 1973 (d?©j?†-vu?), but managed to win the NL East playing just over .500 ball. I was in the stands at Shea when the original ‚ÄúYa Gotta Believe‚Äù sign was held up after Tug McGraw and fans adopted the inspiring chant. It was such an optimistic message‚Äîit taught me never to give up on things in life, and your team!

I moved to Berkeley, California in 1983 and became a certified Astrologer in 1989. A unique alchemy was realized in 2001, blending two passions of baseball and astrology, when I called in on the post game radio show “Extra Innings” after an Oakland A’s game with celestial highlights of Barry Zito’s astrology chart. It was a hit, and I’m currently in my fourth season as the “Extra Innings” astrologer on KFRC radio in San Francisco.

Timing is everything! Since athletes are always looking for a competitive edge, Sports Astrology provides a valuable map of optimum timing. Baseball and astrology both run in cycles, and Sports Astrology illuminates player’s mental, emotional, and physical game, untapping player potential in a more holistic way. I primarily focus on Mars, a crucial planet for an athlete, as it represents energy, assertion, and action, and the Sun, which represents vitality.

In view of the newly reconfigured pitching rotation, I thought it might be timely to share my planetary insights on the Mets pitching down the stretch, in hopes of raising awareness and opening new possibilities. Information is power.

There are several challenges in vitality for Pedro Martinez, Braden Looper, Kris Benson, and Steve Trachsel. All four are intense Scorpios, intriguingly enough, dealing with challenging Saturn aspects. The Mets have one of those “when it rains it pours” pitching staffs, heavily weighted with Scorpios, so when challenging aspects happen, complex energy tends to cluster, revealing itself to several players concurrently.

Saturn is the planet of limitation and rules the skeletal system—the back, bones, knees, and joints. If you get caught in Saturn’s karmic web, it can delay and deny. Saturn is currently making problematical aspects to Scorpios (Leo, Taurus, and Aquarius are also taking a hit, but to a lesser degree). As Scorpios are determined, secretive, and resourceful, it will be fascinating to see how things play out. You use planetary energy or it uses you—we all have free will and either take the high road or the low.

Pedro Martinez- October 25, 1971 Manoguayabo, DR
Birth data from the Dominican can be tricky. Still, charismatic Scorpio Pedro has not had a win since July 23, 2005. With Saturn in the mix, his next win has indeed been delayed, the last two starts in downright eerie fashion. Pedro took a no-hitter into the 8th on August 14, 2005, only to lose 2-1, next start he left after 6 innings with an 8-0 lead, and received a no-decision. Three time Cy Young winner Pedro recently complained about stiffness in his lower back and a sore right foot. “Sometimes you don’t feel all that good,” Martinez said after a recent game. “You don’t feel like you have all that power, like it’s easy.” Truly, nothing comes easy under a heavy Saturn cycle, but perseverance brings reward. A tenacious Scorpio trooper, Pedro said in a New York Times article on August 24, 2005, “Unless I really feel discomfort, I pitch.” This aspect began for Pedro in mid-July when Saturn went into Leo, squaring his Sun in Scorpio. Curiously, spotlight-seeking Leo Barry Bonds announced he was likely done for the season when Saturn connected to his Sun at that same time. Even though the pressure should be lessening, Saturn aspects tend to linger, like a slow fire that takes its time to blow out. Akin to the cosmic cop of the zodiac, Saturn, the only planet with rings around it, shows us our limits in no uncertain terms. Vigilant Pedro pampering can be a smart choice! Delay doesn’t mean denial, and all those blown bullpen leads Pedro already endured can be very humbling, another Saturn trait. Magnetic Pedro almost always seems to have his mojo working, so every time he takes the mound “ya gotta believe.”

Kris Benson- November 7, 1974 Superior WI
The best made plans go awry for Kris now through the end of September. His planetary forecast down the stretch is the one that concerns me the most. Like a nightmare waiting to happen, after pitching two thirds of an inning on August 21, 2005, Kris cited “bad luck,” and quickly exited the game. Saturn (planet of limitation), whose middle name is “bad luck,” is making a difficult aspect to Kris’s Mars (planet of energy). When this karmic aspect occurs, power is thwarted. A harbinger of things to come, his actions meet with resistance; he feels frustrated, restricted, and blocked. Due to imbalanced energy, Kris needs more rest during this tension-filled cycle. He should do his best to compromise with others—not the easiest task for a desirous Scorpio. Timing is off; he does poorly in competition and as a result, status and reputation suffer.
Throw nebulous Neptune (planet of confusion) in the blend and Kris is quite disoriented. Neptune can bring a “wet blanket” of fog over expectation. It’s one of the worst things for a pitcher—not trusting his stuff during this enervating, dispiriting cycle. Energy is low as strength unravels, and he may feel inexplicably tired. It would be prudent to micromanage Kris’s energy and rest him as much as possible. Supplements may help. As of this writing, Benson’s start has been pushed back to Sunday, August 28, affording two days more rest. As Scorpios hate to admit weakness, Benson said, “It’s not like I need to do anything, it will give me a chance to rest my shoulder a little bit, but everything’s fine from my standpoint.” In reviewing previous data, I noticed that Keith Foulke, closer for the Oakland A’s in 2003, experienced the same Saturn/Mars planetary challenge that Kris is currently facing. Keith began tiring and having back ailments during the all-important stretch drive, culminating in a horrendous Game 4 loss October 5 in the 8th inning of the 2003 ALDS to the Boston Red Sox. When Kris missed a start last September 2004, it seemed to revive him, but that was then and this is now, as the planetary alignment he’s laboring under is much more deleterious. Very late September opens a window of improvement. As above, so below—only time will tell.

Braden Looper- October 28, 1974 Weatherford, Oklahoma
The end of August through mid-September looks like an endurance test for closer Braden Looper. Difficult Saturn aspects create heavy, internal pressure and inhibition—clearly not the best traits for a closer down the stretch. It’s a tedious time of burdensome responsibilities, testing of character, and hard work. Physical energy is at an all time low, and he should get as much rest as possible. His health is at risk, in many cases as a direct result of a depressed or somber mental outlook. Ambitions are thwarted or delayed, and he may receive criticism and disapproval. He may have difficulties with his spine, lower back, or heart. Problems with those in authority can also occur during this time.

Steve Trachsel- October 31, 1970 Oxnard CA
Delay doesn’t mean denial to All Hallows Eve-born Trax. Saturn slowed things down to a crawl, leaving Steve in limbo with major Scorpio paranoia over his role. It seemed like there was no room at the inn for Trax, due to the Mets’ plethora in the pitching department. “It’s a good problem to have,” as Manager Willie Randolph noted.
Discipline and perseverance are needed for Steve, who has the second longest tenure of all the Mets. Finally back in starting rotation, “the human rain delay” was clearly not put on the planet to work from the bullpen, and is eager to make up for lost time. This is a period of readjustment, as ambitions may take longer to be realized, and patience is needed. There are some positive Mars aspects as well, mitigating the oppressiveness of Saturn. He exhibits courage, no matter how difficult the situation. Resilient to pressure, he exudes a positive “can-do” attitude. Already clearing waivers, experiences with bosses and people in authority are still likely to bring problems. After surgery on his lower back in March of 2005, his current forecast is a mixed bag. He needs to be mindful of not overdoing, fueling an obsessive need to prove his worth. The high road of a Saturn/Mars dynamic has willpower serving him well in the long run for the highest good of all, eschewing the tempting Scorpio trap of power struggle.

Since I gave the Mets “hurlers” a planetary bill of health, I thought I would also do a forecast for their once trusty backstop, Mets catcher Mike Piazza, as many Met fans are curious as to what’s next for the popular former face of the Mets franchise. When interviewed by Steve Somers on WFAN on August 23, 2005, GM Omar Minaya said he planned to sit down with Mike after the season and chat. The gift of Sports Astrology is that it gives you precious insight into what issues are presently up for an athlete, so let’s take a sneak planetary peek about what they may debate.

Mike Piazza- Sept. 4, 1968 Norristown, PA
Hard-working, dutiful Virgo and eleven time All Star Catcher, it looks like Mike may be going out with a whimper rather than a roar. Currently on the DL with a broken hand, Mike’s mid-life crisis has begun—a time to let go of whatever has outlived its creative usefulness. Neptune (planet of confusion) is also in challenging aspect to Mars (energy), springing a leak in Mike’s physical energy. Becoming frail and tired, his energy is low and health is more delicate than usual. Recuperation takes longer than usual. Even at best, he’s not likely to feel as vigorous as usual during this crisis of self-confidence, or dark night of the soul.
Things worsen throughout the 2006 season. Sad though it may be for loyal Met fans, it makes cosmic sense to let Mike go. It’s one of life’s transformational passages that we all experience in our late 30’s when forced to reassess our past, discarding outmoded patterns. It’s an auspicious time to reevaluate deepest motivations. Forced out of ruts, Mike will be stepping out of his comfort zone. The process can be regenerating, tackling the rest of his life with the renewed vigor that comes from a lighter load. If he aligns with spiritual purpose rather than personal, selfish desires, he’ll fare better. I think Mike has too much dignity to keep playing the game when the energy no longer supports him. Virgos live for their work, but a well-timed swan song could make for a brilliant exit. If not, the all-time homerun leader for a catcher, can expect more “freak accidents,” extended healing times, and twists of fate on the horizon for 2006.

And what is the destiny of recently released reliever Danny Graves who posted a 5.89 ERA in 17 games with the Mets? “If he clears waivers, then we’d like to have him back,” said Manager Willie Randolph. Let’s see what the planets have to say about that declaration. Most recently, on August 24, 2005, ESPN News reported Danny wishing to retire.

Danny Graves- August 7, 1973 Saigon, Vietnam
If you look in the dictionary under “experiment,” you could see Danny’s flashy Leo picture. Designated for assignment on August 23, 2005, knowledgeable Met fans instinctively know this tattooed fellow would not exactly set the world on fire. With Neptune (planet of confusion) in difficult aspect to his Sun (basic vitality), this clearly is NOT his year. Unceremoniously released from the Reds on May 23, 2005 and picked up by the Mets on June 11, 2005, this year he continues to be unduly sensitive, vulnerable, and moody. Confidence and certainty become weak, and he may lose perspective. Judgment is faulty; this planetary cycle often brings feelings of profound disappointment and disillusion. He may feel like a victim and temporarily lose optimism. Life seems unfair, and just too hard.
Danny’s likely to tire and must guard against being deceived by those in authority. Inadequacy and lack of purpose reign as luck is curtailed. With few opportunities, he loses a sense of abundance. Forced to deal with restricted circumstances, this below par cycle runs though the entire 2005 season. Feeling like he is moving sideways—if not actually going in reverse—it looks like some new possibilities may open up for Danny in September.

Sports Astrologer Andrea Mallis has appeared on ESPN SportsCenter, Baseball Tonight, ESPN News, and Cold Pizza. She’s written articles for ESPN.COM Page 2 and MLB.COM. She recently contributed to a forthcoming book on fantasy baseball, “Fantasyland” (due out in March 2006) and attended the baseball winter meetings in Anaheim, CA. Currently the astrologer on the Oakland A’s post game radio show “Extra Innings”—Have Andrea guide you with your game—Visit, email, or call 510-874-4911.

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