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June 23, 2009 6:53 PM

New York Mets: There Is No Need To Make A Trade

In this past month the New York Mets have turned into the New York Bets, people all around the world are betting on when the next Mets player will find himself with all the others on the bloated DL.  Some even go a little bit farther and pick a player. 

Some of the biggest names on the Mets' disabled list are Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado, JJ Putz, Oliver Perez, John Maine, and the newest player to join the club, Carlos Beltran. 

It seems like David Wright is the last starter standing.  Although Wright leads the league in batting average, he only has five home runs on the whole year. 

With that stat and everything else happening around the Mets, the trade talks have begun a bit earlier than the Mets expected. 

It seems that the main need for the Mets is a power bat, the home run leaders for the Mets are Carlos Beltran and Gary Sheffield with eight.  The Mets just haven't been hitting the ball hard and high enough.  Everybody must feel bad for the chicks that dig the long ball. 

A few of the biggest names out there are Matt Holliday, Adam Dunn, Carlos Lee, and Aubrey Huff.  The one that would most likely cots the most is, the Oakland Athletics, Matt Holliday. 

Holliday has been one of the leagues best players for the past couple of years, he helped the Rockies reach the World Series in 2007 and he came to Oakland looking to do the same.

As of now, the A's stand at the bottom of the AL West 6.5 games behind and with a record of 31-38.  The Athletics are falling short of their expectations and might be ready to go into rebuilding mode and before they do that they will have to get rid of Matt Holliday and his huge contract.

You can't rebuild without young stars and that is one of the reasons why I think the Mets should not go after Holliday.  The A's will be asking for at least, one of the biggest prospects, Fernando Martinez.  Along with him could also be Jonathon Niese, Bobby Parnell, Daniel Murphy, and strikeout machine, Brad Holt. 

If you haven't heard of Holt just look at his stats on the Brooklyn Cyclones a year ago, they are phenomenal.  He is, to me, one of the Mets brightest prospects in their system. 

I hope that the Mets know better enough,  not to trade that amount of talent for a guy who is hitting 270. with eight home runs.  That's the thing about Holliday, he's nowhere close to putting up MVP numbers.  He also lacks the long ball and that's what the Mets need.

The player that makes the most sense to me to trade for is Adam Dunn.  Dunn leads his team with 18 long balls and the Mets could really use his bat.  Dunn would cost some good prospects, but not nearly as much as Holliday.

Although Adam Dunn sounds like an ideal fit for the Mets, he is not what they need right now at this point in the season.  They are only 1.5 games behind the Phillies in the NL East and that's with their second string team on the diamond.

The Mets are staying alive and that's all they need now.  Like Mets' manager Jerry Manuel said, "I just want my team to stay above 500.".  I totally agree with that, Jerry has the right idea.  Sometimes I question Jerry, but I think he might be doing the team some good with what he said.

For those of you who wanted Jerry to say that the Mets have to go out there and win every game, you must be out of your mind.  If Jerry said that then right now his team would be underachieving.  Right now the Mets are achieving their goal of keeping their head above the water until the regulars come back. 

Unless this team finds themselves five games under 500. than they should consider making a trade.  But only if they are not giving up a good amount of their biggest prospects.

A lot of people don't look at it this way, but the Mets do have help coming on the way.  That is their players on the disabled list that are making their way back.  Those players are all the help the Mets should need.  The Mets are in striking distance of the Phillies and can be sitting at the top of the NL East as early as the weekend.

With that, their is no need for the Mets to make a trade.  They would just be giving up too much for too little production.  The Mets have what they need and that is the determination to prove everybody wrong, and that they can go to the playoffs despite their recent tough times.  They will prove everybody wrong, you watch.


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