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July 27, 2009 12:50 AM

ALL MLB Bets Taken Here

A little change of pace here. There are some of us out there that take shots about our teams, our opponents, ownership, managers and players. How many comments have I seen where people say I could do better than these guys.

So now living in Vegas, and being right there for the action and the money that changes hands every second, 24 hours 7 days a week. I stopped at a sports book this morning and grabbed a couple of betting prop sheets. Here are some of the latest odds for baseball for the remainder of the season.

Now if you want you can put your money where your mouth is and send Vegas Rich all your money so I could place your bets. Of course I can also wind up disappearing for a while after I get the dough.

I hear Cabo is very nice this time of year.

Odds to Win 2009 National League Pennant

TEAM                                         OPENING LINE                     CURRENT LINE

Dodgers                                            7/1                                     7/5

Phillies                                              4/1                                     3/1

Cubs                                                2/1                                     9/2

Cardinals                                           9/1                                     6/1

Giants                                              15/1                                    9/1

Brewers                                            15/1                                   12/1

Astros                                              15/1                                   12/1

Rockies                                            20/1                                    12/1

Marlins                                             15/1                                    16/1

Mets                                                 3/1                                    18/1

Braves                                              12/1                                   22/1

Reds                                                 17/1                                  29/1

Diamondbacks                                     8/1                                   90/1

Pirates                                              40/1                                  90/1

Padres                                              40/1                                  110/1

Nationals                                           40/1                                  500/1

The biggest disappointment by far for those who made their bets in April are the New York Mets and Arizona Diamondbacks. Both teams were solid picks in their division to go on to the playoffs and advance to the series. Neither one right now apparently to the Las Vegas odds-makers have a chance. The Dodgers due to their excellent play all season long have made the biggest jump to become the overall favorite right now but in talking to a number of bettors this morning, the sexy pick is now the St. Louis Cardinals after their recent pick ups.

I see the Phillies heading back to the series with about 60 games to go. They are pitching well enough but when a team steps on the field each day and expects to score 8 runs or more each game they know they are in pretty good shape. Vegas thinks so too.

My Longshot of longshots  - The Atlanta Braves.

Odds to win 2009 American League Pennant

TEAM                              OPENING LINE                             CURRENT LINE

Yankees                                  Even                                        2/1

Red Sox                                   5/2                                          2/1

Tigers                                     10/1                                         9/2

Angels                                     3/1                                          5/1

Rays                                       3/1                                          10/1

Rangers                                   21/1                                        11/1

White Sox                                10/1                                        14/1

Twins                                      7/1                                          15/1

Mariners                                   35/1                                        25/1

Blue Jays                                  15/1                                        35/1

A's                                          20/1                                        90/1

Orioles                                     40/1                                        90/1

Royals                                      30/1                                       95/1

Indians                                      8/1                                       115/1

The biggest disappointment to date in the AL would be the Rays and the Twins. People who bet on the Tigers and the Rangers are feeling pretty good about their chances for once in the playoffs anything can and surely will happen.

I still like my April pick of the Red Sox but I'm not ruling out the Rays. New York is known for September collapses and this year will be no different. This time I see the Yankees folding like a bad hand at the World Series of poker. Sorry HBOB.

My Longshot of longshots: The Texas Rangers.

I take all types of cards except Christmas Cards.LOL.

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