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July 23, 2009 7:57 PM

Help From Below: Why Not Now?

That certainly is not the Omar Minaya who is seen as a "Dead Man Walking" if Tony B. remains in the Mets front office, but this is not necessarily about either of them yet it's about both of them. Makes sense yet? I didn't think so.

We need to set the ground rules for this discussion if you want to take blasts at me in the comment section. First off if you believe for one second that the Mets have a chance to go about 48 wins over the next 65 games or so please move onto the next Mets article.

If you believe like I do, and was one of the first people to tell you to pack it up and "Wait Til Next Year" at my midseason report, then I would be extremely interested in your comments both pro and con.

Forget the trade deadline, the other teams don't see the Mets being able to help them get better and we don't plan to give up whatever good prospects we hope we have and totally kill a barren farm system that we have.

OK, with that said it is customary for teams, usually the ones out of the race, to start to make call ups from their farm systems when the roster is expanded to 40 players on September 1st. Then the team gets a chance to evaluate those players and see how they fare against far superior pitching and hitters if they are pitchers.

When contenders call up these guys most of them languish on the bench and by osmosis they are expected to "feel" like they are in the major leagues. Once in awhile a team strikes lightening in a bottle and someone makes a splash in September and ultimately goes on to great things.

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Those guys are sure fire prospects that are supposed to succeed.

The Mets are far from loaded down on the farm considering that both their AAA and AA teams are at the bottom of their divisions, but there are some interesting players in there that I personally would like to see take a swat or a pitch at today's big leagues.

My point is, can it really hurt? Can they do any worse than those players we have out there now? Plus if the answer is yes it would be worse, I ask you so what? The worst thing that could happen is we move up a couple of spots in the amateur draft.

So I ask you to look at these guys. I know you could make a case for each of them not to come up. I can too, but again so what? Some might say if they come up and are over matched it will hurt their confidence for the future. NONSENSE. These guys are spending their entire life's existence to play this game on the highest level. I'm not worried about their confidence and I'm sure they're not as well.

From Buffalo. That's an easy one.

Nelson Figueroa: 6-4 2.32 ERA 80/23 strike out to walk ratio.

Jon Niese:  5-6 3.82 ERA 2 complete games, 2 shutouts, won five of his last six starts, and has an 86/26 SO to BB ratio. I guess he's worked on his fastball because his curve was already ML ready.

From Binghamton. Now this is where I say "what the heck, go for it"

Josh Thole: .341 BA .409 OBP and 858 OPS. NOOOOOOO let's just keep Brian Schneider in there.

Ruben Tejada: .278, .350, .714. NOOOOO let's bring back A. Reyes and Angel Berora and Ramon Martinez, yeahhhhhhhh

Josh Peterson:  .326, .409,  .851 NOOOO let's keep having Tatis lead the world in double plays. Come on.

Emmanuel Garcia: .263, .315, .668. He only has 17 stolen bases. When David Wright leads the team in SB's you know you're in trouble and when was last time he stole a base? Thanks Jerry, you moron. Sorry, I get carried away. Old guy that I am.

Tobi Stoner:  2-2, 2.68 ERA 28/13 SO/BB ratio and how about a 0.87 WHIP.

Believe me, these guys may just be a spark to those guys who we don't send down in their place just to let them know we mean business and if you don't produce while 10 games behind we have taken the first steps in re-making this team which is not such a bad idea.

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