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July 28, 2009 11:35 PM

Omar Minaya: Chance For Redemption

One thing has been apparent to me as a Mets fan for 47 years. The most important thing on my mind and my most important priority is for the team to win. I challenge every Met fan on site to disagree that although we care about everything that is "Mets", winning takes the prize.

For better or worse for the past couple of years we have discussed both the good and bad moves that Omar Minaya, the Mets General Manager, has made. Personally I have flipped flopped so many times I feel like a spinning dredel not knowing which side I'm going to land on.

I loved the moves that got Pedro, both Carlos, Johan and K-Rod to the Mets. I cringed with Castillo signing and the bringing to the team to 40+ geriatrics to this club. I felt there were deals that could have happened and questioned many those that did.

Along with everyone else including Vegas Sportsbook Directors, we all thought the Mets with there improved bullpen would certainly be able to make up the ground to the Phillies even though they improved themselves this winter as well.

We all know what happened and although there is still a glimmer of hope because Jerry has finally learned, and admitted as such, that a set lineup is the way to go, the climb back to playoff contention does not rest on a 4 game winning streak.

Omar certainly reached a low point in his tenure this week and all the damage control that Wildon's are trying to do still leaves Omar in an untenable position of having to speak to the media on a regular basis and try to convince them that he is sincere and righteous with them.
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This is not a position any General Manager wants to find himself in especially in New York where the scrutiny is 1000 times more than any other city in the world.

OK, so is there anything that Omar can do do redeem himself with the Mets faithful and at the same time put his team in a better position not only to get back into the race with 60 games to go but to once gain be considered one of the favorites for 2010?

The answer is Roy Halladay. He is available for the right price and don't kid your self, the Mets have the goods to get him but it's not going to come cheap.

First it's a well known fact what the Blue Jays must have to get this deal done. They want a major league pitcher who is with the big club. They want another pitcher or two, one with the big club and one a very good prospect who within 2-3 years would easily fit into the rotation and one regular high level prospect who will be a quality major league hitter.

The Phillies have not made that offer, neither have the Angels. It was once reported the Mets did so. That wasn't true because if that original offer was made by the Blue Jays even Omar would have jumped all over it.

I like Mike Pelfrey a lot. He has shown tremendous improvement over the last three years and who really knows what his ceiling is. Could it be as high as Roy Halladay? I believe not. Here's the package that the Blue Jays would not turn down. Why?, because it's infinitely better than what any team has offered them so far.

Along with Mike Peffrey, the Mets would send Bobby Parnell, Brad Holt and Ike Davies to the Jays. Maybe they will throw a minor prospect back at us in return. Frankly, I don't care if they do or they don't.

Ray Halladay, as we speak is the best pitcher in baseball. A combination of Halladay and Santana would make CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett look pale in comparison. I would make this offer right now before some other team like the Phillies up their offer and give them both Happ and Drabeck plus two of their top hitting prospects.

Omar, this is you chance for redemption. Make this deal and 95% of the negativity you are now receiving will do an about face. If you want to have a job next year despite your "vote of confidence", I would suggest you get on this immediately and while you're at it, I'd give your buddy Adam Rubin a call and give him this exclusive. You owe him that much.

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