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July 18, 2009 4:17 PM

"Ya Gotta Believe" For The New York Mets

Back in 1973 the New York Mets were far behind in the standings in their division.  It looked like it was a lost year for the Metropolitan's until, former New York Mets' relief pitcher, Tug McGraw said one of the most famous catchphrases in all of sports.  All he said was, "Ya Gotta Believe". 

The 1973 Mets team believed and they went from sixth place to winning the National League Pennant.  The Mets went on to be defeated in seven games by the Oakland Athletics.  But just making it to the World Series and even the playoffs was Amazin' for the 1973 Mets.

There have been many great comebacks like the 1973 Mets had.  Some actually resulted in winning the championship in it's respective league and some feel short like the 1973 Mets, but it was still a great comeback.

The 2009 New York Mets find themselves in a familiar hole that many other teams in the history of all sports were in.  For some teams the hole was too deep for them to climb out of, but a handful of teams rose up to the occasion and played there hearts out and climbed out of their hole no matter how big it was.

The Mets are in a pretty deep hole as of now and it looks like it's only getting deeper.  They have lost their first two games coming back from the All-Star Break and find themselves eight and a half games out of first and in fourth place in the National League East.  The Wild Card isn't even much of a difference as the Mets are seven games back.

The Mets season has had plenty of mistakes and mishaps.  There record shows as they are 42-47.  It seems like the Mets have found every way to lose a game in the first half of the 2009 season. 

To name just a few, when former Met Ryan Church, the go ahead run in an extra inning game against the Dodgers didn't touch third base and was called out when he got home safely for not touching third, and when Mets' second baseman dropped a game ending fly ball off the bat of A-Rod to let the winning runs score. 

It has been a mess of a season and along with the sloppy play the Mets have also been hit real hard with injuries.  Their disabled list is ever growing and they have some of their biggest names on it too.  Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran, John Maine, JJ Putz, and many more players are currently on the Mets' disabled list.

It seems like the Mets are fielding a third-string team every game.  Players such as Gary Sheffield and Alex Cora, who were signed to be playing off the bench and give the regulars a rest are playing pretty much every game and their bodies are showing.  

The "Last Man Standing" for the Mets is David Wright.  Wright is putting together a solid, but weird year.  His home runs are down and his strikeouts are up.  While that is happening he has a .323 average which is in the top 10 in the league.

Despite how hard it is to believe.  All of the Mets fans out there have to have at least an ounce of hope.  Even if they say they don't, I know for sure that they do.  Let's keep the posters coming and bring them over to Citi, those posters should read "Ya Gotta Believe".

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