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January 17, 2010 1:34 PM

A Disaster of a Franchise: The New York Mets

p1_minaya.jpgThe New York Mets are a disaster of a franchise. They have become a national joke; a punch line that orange and blue faithful understand all too well. Complete and total incompetency has infiltrated all levels of the organization and yet absolutely nothing has been done about it. It has been one public relations disaster after another. It has reached the point of absurdity. Mets fans thought that the pain would stop after one of the most miserable and injury plagued seasons in baseball history. 

Little would they know that it would just be beginning.

The recent Carlos Beltran surgery scandal is more proof that the Mets as an organization just don't get it. They simply do not understand how act in a way that does not completely embarrass themselves. There's no intelligence or cunning in the front office. There is no design to fix the franchise or deal with the idiocy that has plagued this franchise. 

It started in the summer after Tony Bernazard's shirtless folly when Omar accused Adam Rubin of using the fight scandal as leverage for a job in the Mets organization. Omar Minaya is clearly a man that knows little to nothing about dealing with people in public. He is an inadequate public speaker and has very little understanding of how to deal with the media. He does nothing to rally his fan base and has turned the Mets into a joke.

Omar Minaya says that he didn't give the okay for Beltran to get surgery. Omar Minaya is not a doctor. He knows absolutely nothing about medical procedures. Yet the sticking point of Beltran's surgery was that Omar wanted a third opinion. The Mets' doctor recommended surgery immediately so that Beltran would miss minimal time. Beltran's doctor recommended surgery immediately so that Beltran would miss minimal time. What else is a third doctor going to tell you? If the third doctor says that he doesn't need surgery do you ignore the other two and let him fall apart during the season? The Mets dragging their feet on allowing surgery could have not only damaged Beltran's chances of playing in 2010 but also could have damaged the rest of his career as well. 

Now they're compounding their error by saber rattling about recouping money from Beltran's contract? Does anyone in the organization understand how horrible they look? Do they realize that they're doing irreversible harm in their professional relationship with Carlos Beltran? Do they realize that stories like this hurt their chances in signing big name free agents? Do they even care? 

It's insane. It's indescribably infuriating. This team knows nothing but embarrassment and are doing their best to damage their relationship with their fans and players. The rules in place within the organization are draconian at best, such as the rule where they refuse to draft any player who uses a social networking website such as facebook or twitter. They overpay for everything. They make bad personnel decisions. 

They gave head trainer Ray Ramirez a raise even though the entire team went down with injuries. They overpaid Jason Bay because Bay played center field for the Pirates a couple times. This is not a joke. Another example of the Mets front office having zero understanding about the game of baseball is the recent signing of Jolbert Cabrera, a 37 year old with an absolutely dismal .670 career OPS and who has been out of baseball for two years. They signed him to be a utility player since in his career he has played every position except pitcher and catcher. The only issue with this is that he's a negative UZR player at every position except first and third. 

Is this team for real?

It's all the Wilpons' fault. They have screwed everything up since the moment they took over the franchise. They have built this culture. They have designed the front office. They have done nothing right. It's no secret that they have done a lot of shady behind the scenes dealings. It's also no secret that to the Wilpons would favor the Mets veterans, giving them preferential treatment and protecting them. These players would complain to them and things would get done. John Franco and Al Leiter were two players who complained the most. Scott Kazmir was shipped out because the veterans didn't like him. They forced Bobby Valentine out because they didn't like him. 

The Mets need an overhaul. They need to scorch the earth, fire everyone, salt the earth, and start over fresh. The Wilpons need to sell the team. Omar Minaya needs to go. Everyone needs to forget about the past couple years and start to move on. Sadly none of this will ever happen. It'll be far too late even if it does. The minor league system is barren due to awful trades and even worse cheap drafting. The PR damage is done. They have successfully disenfranchised an entire fan base.

They've opened themselves up to be mocked by their division rivals, the Philadelphia Phillies. They've allowed their team to be a laughing stock. Yet nothing will ever be done about this. Welcome to the New York Mets where incompetency is rewarded and losing is embraced. 

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