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April 15, 2010 6:48 PM

Mets Fans: Take a Chill Pill

alg_angels_pineiro.jpgThe Mets are 3-6 right now and look awful. While Jeff Francoeur's small sample awesomeness is nice and Mike Pelfrey's start today are both positive, the rest of the team is lagging behind. While it's hard to make any absolute statements only 10 games into the season, it's apparent that John Maine is not a good pitcher. Jenrry Mejia also should not be on a major league roster and should be stretched out so he can give full value -- as a starter, not a low leverage reliever. Most importantly, Jerry Manuel needs to go but enough has been said about that. 

As all of you are well aware, Joel Pineiro pitched a great game against the Yankees the other day. He was a pitcher the Mets targeted this offseason yet nothing came of it. I've seen and heard a lot of grumbling the past couple days from Mets fans, complaining that the Mets should have signed Pineiro. Pineiro is not worth what the Angels gave him. He's a career 4.18 xFIP pitcher. Is that worth $8 million dollars a year? Probably not, unless he continues to pitch like he did against the Yankees. That's an extremely unlikely scenario.

Yes, I've been on the Wilpons for their spendthrift ways and Omar Minaya for patchworking the team into fourth place. But this doesn't mean the Mets can just toss around money on mediocre pitchers. Yes the Mets needed pitching help, everyone knew that. However, if you look at the numbers, there's no reason to be freaking out because of Joel Pineiro. Pineiro has been a 2+ WAR player only three times in his career -- twice with the Mariners earlier in his career and his 4.8 WAR explosion last season with the Cardinals. How does this make him worthwhile? 

Think of it this way. The Angels were willing to pay $16 million for him. Using that as a base salary, how much more can you go for Pineiro and a correct return of value? $10 million a season is far too much for a dude who might have had a flukey year. One start in April is not enough time for people to be saying that Pineiro should have been a Met. Remember, Ricky Romero almost threw a no-hitter. Does that mean he's going to win the Cy Young this year? No way.

This is also true with the Mets season. I was watching SNY the other day and they have all ready started the doom and gloom train. They had a graphic on the screen saying "Is it desperation time all ready?" The answer of course is NO. It's ten games into the season. There's zero reason to panic yet. There are some bad things going on but does that mean the season is completely over? No. 

The rest of Mets Nation need to stop freaking out over a slow start and realize that there's no point in flipping out week one. It's honestly embarrassing.

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