Inside Mr. Met's Head

May 26, 2010 5:42 PM

Jerry Plans Start Nieve on Saturday

1z5j8uv.gifAre you KIDDING me, Jerry?

Fernando Nieve is awful. I can barely even begin to express how terrible Fernando Nieve really is. His BB/9 (6.55) is exactly the same as his K/9. His BABIP is .232 which means that he's actually getting lucky. He should be worse than his 5.72 xFIP. He's a -0.5 WAR player. Why is he even on the major league roster at this point?

And yet, somehow, Jerry believes that Nieve is good enough not only to appear in 26 games in relief but now good enough to start a baseball game.

I used to think that Jerry and the Mets were becoming a joke but they weren't quite there yet. Now I firmly believe that they are one.

If you're going to use the stupid logic like "the hot hand" or abusing an awful pitcher because he's so 'valuable' (note: he's not) you don't deserve to manage a professional baseball team. Or, Jerry how about this -- if you're so obsessed with misusing Jenrry Mejia, how about allowing the kid actually a start a game? Something that he's done all of his life.

Oh, he not "stretched out enough?" Explain to me then how Fernando Nieve is okay to start if he's not "stretched out." Veteran presence? That's a myth. Intangibles? Hahaha!!

But wait, that's a terrible idea too because he's also a negative WAR player with a 4.73 xFIP and crazy inflated LOB%. So while in Jerry's world he's a valuable relief arm, in reality he's not.

What about anyone from the minor leagues? How about Dillon Gee? 4.10 FIP isn't good but for one start he has to be a little better than Nieve. Bobby Parnell? Pat Misch? Mr. Met?

Now watch Nieve throw a three hit shutout just to spite me.

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