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May 10, 2010 3:13 PM

Replacement Level Madness

sports_RA Dickey.jpgI have a radical idea. Let's call up NASA and borrow one of the space shuttles -- it's not like they need them anymore anyway -- and create a Mets mission to space. The first flight can include Gary Matthews Jr., Frank Catalanotto, Raul Valdez, and Oliver Perez. It'll be a one way trip to the deepest sections of outer space, what I will dub "Dimension DFA." They can all together explore together the universe of waivers so they will no longer stink up the Mets.

Matthews is a disaster. It's unbelievable to even consider that the Angels gave him such a massive contract and it's even more unbelievable that Omar Minaya even took him. He has 6 hits in 48 plate appearances. He strikes out nearly 40% of the time. His ISO, a measure of power, is nonexistent. His OPS is .415. To put that into perspective, Adam Dunn's on-base percentage is 20 points lower than GMJ's OPS. That's just embarrassing.

Frank Catalanotto was supposed to be a decent off the bench bat and once in a while defensive substitution. He's also not walking at all, providing absolutely nothing. The only positive of his at-bats has been his choice of walk up music -- "Your Love" by the Outfield. Frankie's on a vacation far away because it's apparent he is no longer a major league player.

You may be surprised I'm getting on Raul Valdez but despite his good ERA and FIP I have a hard time believing that he can keep this up. Sure, his BABIP is pretty high but this is a dude who has never pitched a major league inning before -- the definition of an AAAA arm. His BB/9 is pretty awful  and he's left 77% of people on base. That's almost JA Happ voodoo magic levels and he's a reliever. Eventually this is going to catch up to him and suddenly Valdez isn't as appealing.

Everyone knows Oliver Perez is awful. Dude simply has to go. Move him to the bullpen or bury him in AAA (I believe he still has options surprisingly enough and it's not like anyone would actually claim him on waivers anyway) and teach him how to pitch.

Ollie replacement ideas? Ken Takahashi has pretty much been finishing all of Ollie's starts so that's always an option. Takahashi's peripherals aren't that great though (a point higher FIP than ERA which is not very good). From the minors I guess you have to consider Dillon Gee, who is pitching okay (4.11 FIP) but not great. His LOB% is inflated and his BABIP is low which could mean disaster in the major leagues. I guess you could also look at someone like RA Dickey, the 35 year old knuckleballer. He's been demolished every time in the majors so I'm not sure that's a good idea anyway. I always have a soft spot for knuckleballers but I'd worry about him pitching in Citi considering how huge it is. The defense would have to be top notch.

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