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May 17, 2010 1:28 PM

"Stunning" Managerial Situation?

bobbyvstache.jpgAccording to WFAN, there will be a "stunning" development in the managerial situation next year. It's pretty obvious that Jerry is a lame duck and either won't survive this season or won't get extended. Omar might be going with him. Whenever news like this comes out I get an uneasy feeling considering the Dolan-esque bumbling incompetence of Freddy and Jeffy Wilpon.

So if Jerry is indeed gone and there will be a "stunning" choice, who do the Mets turn to?

The number one candidate I guess would be Bobby Valentine. Fired in 2002, Valentine was and still is insanely popular with Mets fans. This could all be rose colored glasses but his success in Japan managing the Chiba Lotte Marines shows that he has some sort of managerial talent (yet again recently fired Trey Hillman had success managing in Japan and we all know how that ended up). Could Valentine end up back with the Mets again? Sure, I think it's very possible. He has an opt-out clause in his contract with ESPN as long as he is being offered a major league manager contract and it's no secret that he wants to manage again.

Bob Melvin is currently in the organization and has been the favorite to take over for Jerry considering he's within the Mets organization currently as a scout. Melvin had his greatest success in 2007, managing the Diamondbacks to the NLCS.  He was perhaps most famous for tinkering with lineups and using players in unconventional spots in the batting order. He was fired in 2009. Melvin strikes me as a mediocre manager and nothing really special. I don't think he would cost the Mets wins like Jerry has but I feel like there are better options. Melvin might make a good mid-season replacement but I don't think he's a long term option.

Wally Backman was recently hired by the Mets to manage the Brooklyn Cyclones. In 2004, he was hired and quickly fired by the Diamondbacks because of his personal issues. He seems to have cleaned up but he's still not a very good manager. He has been quoted in interviews saying that he doesn't believe in the significance of statistics and that the Mets problem is that they don't have enough "character guys rather than superstars." He also talks about "gritty" players. These are such ridiculous  statements and nothing more than buzz words. Wally Backman should be nowhere near a major league roster lest the Mets continue employing idiots as their managers.

Now, on to the more "stunning" managers. Everyone knows Joe Torre, he needs no introduction. His Dodgers' contract expires at the end of this season and it's possible that Joe may wish to return to New York and manage the first team he used to manage. Joe isn't exactly a good manager (his bullpen management skills are the most questioned) but considering that the Mets are playing second fiddle to the Yankees and have been since the collapse of 2007, bringing in Torre would certainly be an interesting development.

Those are all the quasi-realistic candidates I can think of. I'm actually kind of apprehensive about who could be coming in.

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