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May 24, 2010 2:19 PM

To the Phyrric Victor Goes the Spoils

4120701607_2bd6d846d6.jpgThe Mets won the first leg of the Subway Series! Hooray! Those hated Yankees got sent away with their tails between their legs! Nevermind the fact that K-Rod and Jenrry Mejia did their best to give two games to the Yankees or that the Mets faced them at an opportune time when half their roster should be in Scranton -- a win is a win is a win, right?


It's great the Empire State Building will be colored blue and orange to celebrate the victory. But who really cares anymore? There is nothing gained beating the Yankees in an interleague series. Sure, it feels good but does it improve the team's chances of making the playoffs any? Unless you believe in the mythical intangibles which can somehow magically override talent probably not.

Is it wrong for me to root against my favorite baseball team because I want changes in the front office? I think so. I don't think a baseball fan should have to hate his favorite team. Normal baseball fans wouldn't but yet again normal baseball fans don't have to deal with the vast incompetence of the Metropolitan organization.

Here's why I'm so negative despite the series win: Jerry Manuel is getting lucky as hell with his awful decisions. My number one concern is having Jenrry Mejia coming out of the pen. It scares the hell out of me because he shows so much raw potential and talent where I honestly believe he has the potential to be one of the better starters in baseball. His fastball is live and moves, his secondary stuff if developed could be devastating. Yet Jerry, in a last ditch effort to save his ass from getting fired, wants him to be the 7th inning guy. It's not even like Mejia is doing all that great (4.75 xFIP out of the pen? Are you kidding me?). Develop the kid and stretch him out.

Then you have Jerry using K-Rod. I've been against having K-Rod on this team since they signed him. Once in a while he'll throw a brilliant pitch (like the pitch that got A-Rod swinging last night)  but he can be wild and isn't consistent  (don't quote me the 60 whatever saves he got in 2008 -- saves are a completely useless statistic in giving an idea of future performance. Remember Kazuhiro Sasaki? Yeah me neither). I mean even last night was an adventure turning an almost slam dunk into another disaster. His 4.16 xFIP is awful too.

Were their positives of this series? Absolutely. It was nice to see Jason Bay start showing his power again. Also nice to see Johan and Big Pelf doing business. But winning two of three from the Yankees while the Merry Idiot Jerry Manuel continues to be employed by the Mets? That is the Pyrrhic victory.

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