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June 20, 2010 4:57 PM

Mets Send Down Mejia

The Mets finally sent down Jenrry Mejia in order to stretch him into a starter. I hope that the following images express my feelings about this move.



It's such a wonderful day. Finally, an intelligent personnel decision. I don't really care who they call up (even the rotten corpse of John Maine coming back can't take this feeling away). Jerry will no more be able to misuse and abuse one of the best young arms in the Mets system. Using him only in low leverage relief situations was such a gigantic mistake. In fact, using him at all was simply a disaster.

Mejia is not a bad player. He's obviously going to be a very good pitcher. He's shown signs of it. His stuff has the potential to be electric. But he's clearly not ready for the bigs, with his awful 4.93 xFIP and 83% LOB. His K/9 and BB/9 almost overlap (never a good sign) and he just does not have the ability to fool hitters like he should. Some time in the minors should fix that.

I'm glad to see that the front office has finally put Jerry in his place. Do not confuse the Mets winning the past month or so with Jerry being a good manager. He is not. His incessant feet dragging about Mejia should have been reason enough for him to be terminated.

Worst of all was that Mejia didn't belong being used in low leverage situations. The whole bullpen decision was half-assed. If you're going to keep him up in the majors play him. If you're not, let the dude pitch and develop in the minors instead of embarrassing himself in huge losses or wins.

Hopefully Mejia won't be too damaged from his 2010 bullpen fiasco.

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