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January 16, 2010 11:11 PM

Will Arizona Grow Up In Time For The NCAA Tournament?

pac10-08-icon-ariz.gifThe Pac Ten is not one of the top conferences in Basketball this season. A lot of teams like Arizona, UCLA and ASU lost a lot of talented underclassmen in the 2009 NBA Draft. The Pac 10 should only get four or five teams at the most in the NCAA Tournament. As the season continues to progress the Wildcats freshmen are starting to mature and not make the same amount of mistakes like they did earlier in the season.

Arizona has lost a lot of close games this season mainly, because of their youth. They lost 74-72 to UNLV in OT. USC got by Arizona 56-50. WSU tripped them up 78-76 and OSU beat them 67-64. Freshman F Derrick Williams is leading the team in scoring with 15.1 PPG. Williams is also grabbing 6.8 RPG and he has five games this season when he has scored 20 or more points. Arizona is now 9-9 with 12 games left to play. The combination of PG Nic Wise and Williams will have to lead the Wildcats down the stretch this season and get them in position to win five or six games in a row.

The Wildcats are 6th in offense in the Pac Ten, but they are 9th in defense and need to improve in that area to make a late season run. Arizona is giving up 71.5 PPG. As their young players continue to gain experience the defense should begin to pick up. The Wildcats have three players ranked in the top 20 in rebounding in the conference (Derrick Williams 6.8,Jamelle Horne 6.6 and Solomon Hill 4.8). If Hill and Kyle Fogg can continue to hit 3's Arizona could make a run in the Pac Ten.

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