Inside the Pac-12

February 28, 2010 9:11 PM

RB's Make A Good Impression At The NFL Combine

pac10-08-mast-left.jpgSome of the best RB's in the Pac Ten put their skills on display today at the 2010 NFL Combine. A lot of college football fans decide what players they believe are good based on their production on the field, but NFL GM's also take the NFL Combine into consideration when evaluating a players draft status. Toby Gerhart led the Pac Ten in rushing in 2009 with 1,871 yards. Joe McKnight was 5th in the conference with 1,014 yards. In only 9 games Jahvid Best had 867 yards rushing. Clearly these three players were productive in the Pac Ten.

Now NFL GM's and Coaches want to know if Gerhart has enough speed to be productive in the NFL? Is Jahvid Best durable and can he remain healthy for 16 games? One thing that Best and McKnight have that will separate them from most RB's in this upcoming draft is their versatility. Jahvid and Joe both have the ability to catch the football and contribute as a kick returner or punt returner. Their times in the 40 will move them up on the majority of teams draft boards. Best ran a 4.35 and McKnight ran a 4.47. Toby Gerhart has shown on film that he is a good inside runner and he has the ability to pick up yards after contact. The 4.53 40 that Gerhart ran today proved that he does have enough speed to be effective in the NFL. It would not be a shock if all three of these backs were off the board before the 3rd round of the NFL Draft.

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