Inside the Pac-12

March 11, 2010 9:30 PM

ASU Leaves Door Open For ?

pac10-08-mast-left.jpgStanford defeated ASU 70-61. It was easy to predict that a team or two would get upset, but I did not see an upset coming in the first round. If ASU had a NCAA Tournament bid it could now be in jeopardy. ASU finished the regular season in 2nd place, but the Pac Ten when compared to other conferences was far from impressive. Two victories by ASU would have guaranteed them an invitation to the NCAA Tournament. Now the question is, what happens to ASU if Washington makes it to the conference championship game. If UW wins at least two games they will have more victories than ASU and if the Pac Ten does get two bids Washington could take away a bid that could have went to ASU.

With the top seed out of one side of the bracket the door is now open for Oregon State, Washington and Stanford to advance to the championship game and possibly win the Pac Ten's automatic bid. The next game to keep an eye on is California vs. UCLA. If UCLA can upset the Bears then there will no longer be a favorite for the Pac Ten's automatic bid.

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