Inside the Pac-12

March 20, 2010 1:29 AM

The Pac Ten Improves To 2-0

pac10-08-icon-cal.gifCalifornia defeated Louisville 77-62 and the Pac Ten is now 2-0 against the Big East in the NCAA Tournament. A lot of the mistakes that have plagued the Bears all season long showed up again in tonight's contest. The Bears were up by 18 points and blew the lead. Cal at times turned the ball over, because of Louisville's full court pressure. The Bears still don't have another player that can handle the basketball other than Jerome Randle. Rick Pitno's constant pressure almost wore down the Bears players. Mike Montgomery only has five players that he can rely on. When the Bears have to go to the sixth or seventh man on the bench there is a big drop-off in talent. California was able to overcome a lot of their weaknesses and beat a good defensive team. Cal was 8/15 from three-point range. Now the Bears will face Duke on Sunday. This game will not live up to the memories of Jason Kidd vs. Bobby Hurley in the early 90's, but Cal will have a chance to advance to the Sweet Sixteen if they can upset the Blue Devils.

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