Inside the Pac-12

April 17, 2010 7:20 PM

Osweiler Is The Key To Sun Devils Success

The Sun Devils have to replace a lot of talent on the offensive side of the ball. WR's Kyle Williams and Chris McGaha will not be back in 2010. Williams and McGaha combined for 114 catches and 12 TD's. The third leading WR for ASU in 2009 was Gerell Robinson with 26 catches. The Sun Devils are counting on Robison and Kerry Taylor to consistently make plays in the passing game. Ryan Bass and Cameron Marshall will have to improve on the 453 rushing yards that they combined for in 2009. If ASU plans on making their first bowl appearance since 2007 the coaching staff must get Brock Osweiler going at the QB position.

Osweiler appeared in six games last season and he should be able to use that in game experience to feel more comfortable under center in 2010. Brock's first start in 2009 was against USC. In that game Osweiler only completed 40.7% of is passes and threw 1 TD and 1 INT. The Trojans got by the Sun Devils 14-9. If the Sun Devils passing game was more efficient they would have been bowl eligible last season. ASU lost four games by less than five points. At 6-8 and 237 pounds Brock has a commanding presence on the field. The first two games of 2010 are against Portland State and Northern Arizona. Those two teams should allow Osweiler to be productive and gain a lot of confidence before ASU travels to Wisconsin on September 18th.

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