Inside the Pac-12

May 9, 2010 11:14 PM

Pac Ten And Big 12 Partnership A Possibility

pac10-08-mast-left.jpgPac Ten commissioner Larry Scott in his first year has shown signs that the Pac Ten needs to be improved. Scott has added the Alamo Bowl to the Pac Ten bowl tie ins. The Rose Bowl, Alamo Bowl and the Holiday Bowl are three very good bowl games for this conference. Next on the agenda to improve the Pac Ten is a new television contract, a Pac Ten channel and possibly adding two additional teams to the conference and adding a Championship Game for football. The Pac Ten and Big 12 met earlier this week to discuss working together on a new TV contract, a sports channel and scheduling OOC football games. The Big 12/ Pac 10 Hardwood Series has been a success. This year the Hardwood Series features UCLA @ Kansas, Texas Tech @ Washington, Texas @ USC and Oklahoma @ Arizona. If the conferences can get together and schedule some OOC football games there are some very appealing match-ups that could be put together. In 2015/2016 there is a home and home series between Cal and Texas. Games that would bring a lot of eyes to the set are USC vs. Texas, Oregon vs. Oklahoma, UCLA vs. Nebraska and Washington vs. Texas A&M. If the two conferences put their minds together a slate of games can be scheduled for years to come that could result in an attractive TV package.

The Big Ten could force the Big 12 to add additional members and the Pac Ten to expand. If the Big Ten takes a team from the Big 12, the Big 12 will have to replace a team. The question is what team will the Big 12 add if they lose a team? There have been strong indications that the Big Ten will add a team and have a Big Ten Championship Game. Once that happens the Pac Ten and Big East will be the only remaining BCS conferences that do not have a Championship Game. If increased revenue is what Larry Scott is in search of then two teams will be on board when the new television contract is being negotiated. In the meantime the Pac Ten has to continue to build their football programs. One question that will be answered soon is what penalty will USC have imposed on their football program. For the Pac Ten to be at least the second best conference in the country UCLA and Washington must become dominant teams in the conference and Oregon must also stay consistent. The Pac Ten cannot afford to have USC, UCLA and Washington have extended years when they are not in contention for the Pac Ten Title.

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