Justice Is Served

December 9, 2009 10:40 AM

Justice is served: 3 up and 3 down ...

1. Not that
Tony Dungy's criticism of the NCAA had a bearing on it, but let's applaud Louisville for its decision to hire Florida defensive coordinate Charlie Strong as its head coach. Strong had played a central role in Urban Meyer's success with the Gators, and he should have been a candidate to run a program long before now. He's got a challenge ahead of him at Louisville, but the Cardinals have been a winning program in years past. Strong could have easily been offered, oh, a program with no chance of winning -- in this century or the next.

2. Not sure why the Tigers are trying to unload Curtis Granderson, but I have to admit it will be a wonderful deal for the Yankees, if not an outright betrayal to Tigers fans. Now, I'm not Yankees fan, no matter how much I try to understand the organization. You can't but salute a team for not wanting to stand pat. Bold teams like the Yankees make bold moves, and this was, if it goes through, a bold move that will make the Yankees younger, faster and better. Can anybody say World Series champs, 2010?

3. He has had more bad press than anybody not named Tiger. He's also facing legal problems that might ruin what remains of this season. But Cavaliers guard Delonte West deserves applause for trying to hold together. He's been an emotional wreck since this summer, and he's not been a player the Cavaliers can rely on -- until lately. He's had two games in which he's looked a lot like the West the Cavs need if they plan to ride LeBron James and Shaquille O'Neal to an NBA championship. They will go nowhere without West.

1. Pete Gammons quit his ESPN gig. How can that be good? No baseball writer held the sway
Gammons did. He knew everybody in the business; and everybody knew him. In an era when rumors fly around like flies in a horse barn, he was the voice of authority. If he said the world was flat, and the decision meant something in baseball, you had no choice but to believe Gammons. His decision to step aside from his ESPN duties leaves a hole bigger than the Grand Canyon. While he's moving from "The World Wide Leader" to the MLB Network, he's stepping into uncharted waters there. His voice would resonate louder at a network unfettered by league ownership.  

2. AOL Fanhouse has lost its journalistic compass -- or damn editorial mind. A headline on one of its BCS stories read: "BCS Quarantines TCU, Boise State in 'Separate But Equal' Bowl." What's wrong with this? you might ask. Simple, few phrases are more tied to the civil rights movement than "separate but equal," and to link those three historic words to a sports event shows ignorance on the part of editors. They should be ashamed of themselves.

3. No matter what someone in a lesser conference does, he has no shot at the Heisman Trophy. Why don't the Heisman officials say what everybody knows: Best performance doesn't mean a thing if you don't play in the Big Ten, SEC, ACC Big 12 or Pac-10. That's OK, but to not have Central Michigan quarterback Dan LeFevour in New York this weekend is an affront to what the award should stand for. LeFevour's body of work trumps both quarterbacks (Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow) who are going to be there. And if they had a better season than LeFevour, I'm waiting for someone to explain to me how. Any takers?

Does anybody feel sorry for 
Tiger Woods? Or should we save our compassion for someone who is a more decent human being? How wrong can a person's public image be? Cabalasian, black or whatever he is, he's a disgrace to men of any color. Tiger put a different spin on the term holing out. Was this what the late Earl Woods meant when he anointed his gifted son for greatness?

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