Looks Like Another Perfect Day

November 28, 2009 3:31 PM

Goons vs. Fairies

The Lakers have had a long Thanksgiving break from Tuesday to Saturday between games. In order to stay sharp (but more to have fun) they engaged in an interesting scrimmage at their practice facility. The Los Angeles Times tells of the team dividing into the big men, dubbed the "Goons" and the small guys called the "Fairies". Even without Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher the Fairies destroyed the Goons. Apparently, Ron Artest was on fire from deep. This is an underestimated part of his game. When the Lakers essentially traded Ariza for Artest I thought they would miss Ariza's three-point shooting but after looking at the stats I saw Artest actually shot a better percentage than Ariza last season. Artest should shoot an even higher percentage with the Lakers because they warrant more double teams than the Rockets did last year.
We want tacos shirt.jpg
The Goons couldn't hit their three-pointers - shocker. For some reason I can't see DJ Mbenga and Josh Powell stroking it from outside the arc. The best part of the scrimmage though, was from Fisher and Bryant who took on the role of the Lakers crowd chanting "We want tacos!" Unfortunately, the Fairies gave up the century mark to the Goons, winning 145-100.

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