Looks Like Another Perfect Day

November 25, 2009 3:41 AM

Lakers in Cruise Control vs. Knicks

Bynum v Curry.jpgWhen the Lakers play like they did on Tuesday they will lose to just about every team in the league. Luckily they were playing the Knicks. Aside from a big third quarter including a 17-0 run in which they held the Knicks scoreless for over seven minutes, the Lakers didn't play very well. Even during that quarter it was mainly the Knicks killing themselves. This game looked like the preseason with the Lakers just going through the motions. They didn't work switches and they jogged up and down the court.

The Lakers knew they had a major size advantage and they exploited it. They outrebounded the Knicks 60-36 and scored often when they worked it through the post. But the win again exposed the Lakers biggest weakness. Their second unit is playing awful. They had a big lead in the fourth quarter but the Knicks made a run to get back in the game and it forced Phil Jackson to put some of the starters back in. The bench scored just 18 points on four of 22 shooting. Shannon Brown and Lamar Odom are the only two bench players playing well right now. They need a three-point shooter coming off the bench but Sasha Vujacic is in a horrible slump. He has hit just two of his last 18 shots including one of eight from three-point range. Shooting the three is his game. That is ALL they need him to do and he can't do it. And the worst part? He just keeps shooting no matter how ill-advised the shot. He's playing so bad that Jackson has been giving Adam Morrison playing time.

The Lakers are now 11-3 on the season and tied for the best record in the NBA but they still have a few question marks that will need to be answered. Their next game is Saturday at Golden State.

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