Looks Like Another Perfect Day

November 29, 2009 2:09 AM

Warriors Don't Come Out to Play

Gasol dunkin on Moore.jpgMaybe it's best if the Warriors only play with six people. On Tuesday the Warriors played just six and beat the Mavericks, 111-103. On Saturday, they played all ten players that dressed and got killed by the Lakers, 130-97. The Warriors have a lot of young talent and when they're on they're a really tough team but when they're off...well they get blown out by 33 points at home. The Warriors shot under 40% from the field and hit just four of 17 three-pointers. The Lakers on the other hand shot 54% and hit 11 of 22 threes.

But this was more than just a case of the Warriors being off the mark. They are just too small to play with the Lakers. They have no answer for Bynum and Gasol on the offensive or defensive end. Gasol finished with 22 points on just 11 shots and Bynum added a dozen. This game was never in question as the Lakers came out on fire and rarely slowed down. The bench even contributed, scoring a season-high 44 points including 17 from Shannon Brown. Speaking of Shannon, he continues to show why he's a must for the dunk competition, as he had two more spectacular dunks to his highlight reel.

The Lakers might not be able to match the Bulls win total of 72 games this season but they do have a chance of making some history on Sunday. They are playing the Nets at home who sit at  0-17 0-16. One more loss and they will set match the record for the worst start in NBA history.

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