Looks Like Another Perfect Day

November 30, 2009 4:39 AM

What Did You Expect?

Nets unhappy.jpgThe Lakers routed the hapless Nets on Sunday, 106-87. And the game wasn't even that close. At one point the Lakers led by 34 points and were up 27 heading into the fourth quarter where the Lakers' bench players got some PT.


The Nets spared Lawrence Frank this embarrassment by firing their head coach earlier in the day. He was replaced by assistant coach Tom Barraise. Barraise inherits a dreadful team. Aside from Devin Harris and Brook Lopez, they really don't have much. It's difficult to describe how bad the Nets played, but let's begin with the fact that Bryant outscored the Nets, 13-12 in the first quarter.

On offense the Nets had no flow and would allow whoever had the ball to dribble around before putting up an ill-advised shot. On defense, they couldn't rotate quick enough to prevent wide open three-pointers. The Lakers hit 13 of 25 three-pointers, not because they were on fire but because pretty much NBA player can hit at least 50% from three-point range if they're unguarded.

The Nets fell to 0-17, tying the record for worst start to a season with the 1988-89 Heat and the 1998-99 Clippers.The Lakers won their sixth straight game and have yet to be tested since Pau Gasol returned to the lineup.

The bench still isn't playing great but Farmar turned in another solid performance, scoring 15 points while hitting three of four three-pointers. He also added a spectacular dunk on Rafer Alston at the end of the first quarter.

The Lakers now enter a slightly tougher stretch in their next four games that includes the Heat and the Suns.

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