Looks Like Another Perfect Day

January 9, 2010 1:34 AM

Another Loss in Portland

Jackson is upset.jpgThe Clippers were able to snap a nine-game losing streak to the Lakers earlier in the week but the Lakers were not able to snap their losing streak in Portland. The Blazers beat the Lakers for the ninth straight time in Portland, this time winning 107-98.

It wouldn't surprise me if Phil Jackson gets fined after this game. He was constantly complaining to the refs about the foul discrepancy. The Blazers attempted 39 free throws as opposed to just 10 for the Lakers. But there weren't that many bad calls. The Blazers were aggressive all game and the Lakers were not. Why the Lakers didn't make use of their size advantage is beyond me. The Blazers have no one to match up with Andrew Bynum, yet he didn't get nearly enough touches.

This team reminds me more and more of the 2005-2006 Lakers when Kobe took about every other shot. Bryant hoisted 37 shots while scoring just 32 points last night. He was hitting his shots early but turned cold in the third and into the fourth while the Blazers built a 20-point lead. By contrast to Bryant's night, Brandon Roy scored 37 points on just 11 field goal attempts. He hit nine of 11 shots and hit 13 of 14 free throws.

The Lakers are looking one dimensional on offense and no dimensional on defense. On offense, it's all Kobe all the time with Gasol out of the lineup. On defense they are looking slow and old. Sure, Gasol is out but the Blazers have a ton of injuries and they handled the Lakers with relative ease. This was a great chance for the Lakers to break that losing streak in Portland but they weren't up to the challenge. They head home to face the Bucks on Sunday as they attempt to avoid their first three-game losing streak since acquiring Gasol.

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