Looks Like Another Perfect Day

January 7, 2010 1:34 AM

The Other LA Wins

Baron driving.jpgTwo streaks ended with the Lakers 102-91 loss to the Clippers. The Clippers snapped a nine-game losing streak to the other LA and this was the first sub .500 team to beat the Lakers this season.

You can credit Baron Davis for this win. Aside from his 25 points and 10 assists, it was his leadership and intensity that really helped his team win. Any time the Lakers made a run he brought his team together and kept them focused.

For the Lakers, they were playing their third game in four days and it showed. The Clippers took advantage of the sluggish Lakers and pushed the tempo. They scored 26 fastbreak points as opposed to just 15 for the Lakers. This was a game where the absence of Pau Gasol really hurt the Lakers. First off, it meant the starters had to play more minutes. Secondly, the Clippers are one of the few teams with a frontcourt as big as the Lakers. Chris Kaman and Marcus Camby took advantage of the smaller Laker lineup and combined for 27 points and more importantly 27 rebounds.

The Lakers showed a little bit of life in the third quarter. They went on an 11-2 run just before the end of the quarter to cut the lead to 73-75 but then allowed back-to-back buckets to end the quarter down six points. Bryant had 17 points in the quarter but just four in the fourth. He finished with 33 points but it took him 30 shots to get those points.

The Lakers travel to Portland to take on the Blazers on Friday.

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