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August 2, 2009 12:17 AM

Game #103: Marlins vs Cubs

Land Shark Stadium - Chris Volstad vs. Rich Harden


The hits just kept coming off the bench on Friday night. After John Baker put the Marlins ahead, Wes Helms drove in two runs with a double, propelling the Marlins to a 5-2 win over the Cubs in the first game of a three game series.

Chris Volstad: 6.2 IP, 6 H, 2 ER, 5 K - Had to throw ten pitches to his first hitter but didn't like the way that felt and got out of the inning on just six more pitches. He continued the theme of minimizing ABs and kept the guys hanging the Qs busy as he went on to post eight of them. He only had to throw more than four pitches to six hitters. Another theme he continued was pitchers driving in runs. He brought in Jeremy Hermida in the 2nd with an RBI double. However, he also continued his season long theme of giving up homers. In the 7th inning of his 22nd outing, he gave up his 22nd homer. It was a disappointing end to an otherwise good start for Volstad, especially considering the cubs came in riding back-to-back 12 run performances.

Emilio Bonifacio: 0-4, BB, K - Grounded out on one pitch in his first AB, struck out on five pitches in his second, grounded out on four in his fourth, and bunted out on the first pitch with two outs in his last to kill the 8th inning rally. The four and five pitch ABs were actually an improvement for Bonifacio who usually only sees 3.8 pitches per AB.

First pitch swung at percentage

Nick Johnson: 10%
Emilio Bonifacio: 28%

Percentage of pitches swung at

Nick Johnson: 36%
Emilio Bonifacio: 51%

Percentage of pitches out of the zone swung at

Nick Johnson: 15.1%
Emilio Bonifacio: 30.9%

Nick Johnson: .295 .408 .402 .810, 66 K, 63 BB
Emilio Bonifacio: .248 .293 .308 .600, 85 K, 26 BB

I'd say we got a little better today.

Jeremy Hermida: 2-3, 2 R, BB - Got on base in each of his first three appearances with two singles and a walk but with the game tied in the 8th, he failed to sacrifice a runner over to third. With the way he was hitting the ball tonight and with the fact that he hasn't had a sacrifice all year clinging to him, Hermida probably should have been swinging but regardless, tie game situations have never been his forte. .236/.319/.408 career. Hermida has an eight game hit streak going but if there's such a thing as not a very good one, this is it. He only has one hit in seven of those games. Since the start of it, his OPS has dropped from .730 to .703.

John Baker: 1-4, R, RBI, 2 K - Fortunately, thanks to this guy's RBI single, Hermida's AB didn't matter. Baker's .362/.422/.517/.939 month of July was the best month anyone not named Hanley Ramirez has had this year.

Wes Helms: 1-1, 2 RBI - Made Carlos Marmol's purpose pitch HBP on Ross Gload hurt by knocking in two with an RBI double off the wall. The production just keeps coming off the bench. With a 1.49 PH/ev, Marlins' pinch hitters have hit .255 this year with 22 RBIs. A lot of those have come courtesy of Helms. The double was his  31st pinch hit of the season and his seventh and eighth pinch hit RBIs. Off the bench, he is hitting .387/.457/.484/.941.

Dan Meyer: 0.2 IP, 2 K - Faced a righty for the first time in nine outings but not on purpose. The Cubs announced a lefty Micah Hoffpauir but pinch hit with Jeff Baker when Meyer entered. I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record but this really irks me. In three more IP against righties than lefties, Meyer's WHIP and BAA against righties are more than half of what they are vs lefties.

Gaby Sanchez and Brett Carroll - Sent down after the game to make room for Matt Lindstrom and Nick Johnson. It was a short stay for Sanchez but at least now he'll get to play baseball again. He had just two ABs and didn't start a game during his brief stay. Carroll's send down is a bit more disappointing as he was playing well as a defensive replacement and as Keremy Hermida's replacement against lefties, OPSing .908 against them. With Carroll going down, the Marlins don't have a true outfielder on the bench but Fredi Gonzalez said yesterday that he will be giving Emilio Bonifacio increased playing time in the outfield. My guess is that he will serve as the fourth guy for now. If need be, Ross Gload can play out there as well.

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