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August 13, 2009 1:32 AM

Game #113: Marlins vs Astros

Dolphin Stadium - 7:10 PM - Chris Volstad vs Roy Oswalt


Tuesday night's game featured a good performance by the bullpen after Chris Volstad lasted only five innings, a three RBI effort by john baker, a 3-6 showing by Hanley Ramirez, a five run Marlins' comeback, and an 11th inning walkoff single by Dan Uggla. The player of the game? Home plate umpire Adrian Johnson.

Adrian Johnson - The reason why i wouldn't be opposed to robots calling balls and strikes. The job of an umpire isn't to change the outcome of the game. It is to bring forth the most likely pending outcome. not only did Johnson change the outcome, he flipped it completely upside down. The worst part was he seemed to get worse as the game went along. by the time the Marlins' big four run 6th came around, pitches he had called strikes earlier in the game were balls. In the Marlins' half of the 11th, at least two of the four pitches that Chris Coghlan took his leadoff walk on and eventually scored the winning run with were former strikes. If you're not going to call the corners, fine. If you are, that's fine too. Same goes for the low strike. But at least be consistent. Attempting to change the game apparently isn't a new thing for Johnson. Earlier this year, he changed a call he had made against Joe Mauer when he originally said the ball hit his bat and instead awarded him first base. A game decided grand slam followed. Last year, Johnson ruled a foul ball a home run. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Marlins fan and I'll take a win any way they come and to be fair, some bad calls were made against them as well but if i were on the other side of this equation, I'd be forming an angry mob and petitioning for the removal of Johnson as an umpire. If i were the Astros, I'd be protesting. He was that bad.

Chris Volstad: 4.2 IP, 8 H, 6 ER, 3 BB, 2 K - Was solid for the first 2.2 innings before giving up a lead off walk and an RBI single with two outs in the 3rd. But that was all part of his plan to get the pitcher to lead off the next inning and go 1-2-3, right? He hit the pitcher with the second pitch of the 4th. The rest of the inning? Walk, single, single, double, double play, single, walk, pull. Not being able to get yet another elusive third out meant that Tim Wood, who replaced Volstad, had to hit in the next inning. Finishing innings with RISP has been a problem for Volstad all year as he has a .700 OPS against, well above league average. In his defense, Volstad was victimized by some bad calls and bad luck but to the extent that Volstad, suffered them, they are a part of the game and you need to be able to get past them. He's 22-years-old so to a certain limit, it's understandable but with his tenure in the major leagues going on two years, you'd like to see him start to compose himself. The 4.2 inning outing was his second shortest outing of the year. His shortest happened his last time out when he only lasted 4.1 against the Nationals so Volstad has begun to show some consistentcy, just not the kind that we'd like to see whatsoever.

Emilio Bonifacio: 1-1 - Put in to pinch hit with the winning run on second in the 9th. He singled to left. Jeremy Hermida was sent home and thrown out by 20 feet. Bonifacio's greatest asset is his speed and quite possibly his weakest is hitting right handed pitching as he only hits it at a .227 clip. Why not put his speed on the bases and pinch hit with Ronny Paulino? Paulino isn't great at hitting righties either but he's on a hot streak (12 for his last 31). I know you don't want to throw away your backup catcher but it's the bottom of the 9th with the winning run in scoring position. Bonifacio has only attempted five steals his last 39 times on base (12% of the time). It just seems like the only thing he does with great precision is being wasted.

Chris Coghlan: 2-2, 2 R, BB, K - Another multiple hit game which boosted his OPS up to .786. Andrew McCutchen, the rookie of the year favorite, is sitting at .847. Coghlan has a way to go to catch McCutchen but if his monstrous month continues to be monstrous, it's certainly a possibility.

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