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September 21, 2009 9:21 PM

Brett Favre beats NFL teams and the MLB

Quick, what is America’s past time?

Did you guess baseball? You are wrong my friend. Very, very wrong. It’s obviously football and if you don’t agree Roger Goodell might have you wiped off the face of the earth with the death ray beam housed inside the new Cowboys Stadium.

Why else could the NFL refuse to swap a regular season game in week three with a potential one-game playoff in baseball?

Storylines. Tried and true (read: boring) storylines. From Awful Announcing, via CBS Sports, the NFL has politely declined even thinking about accommodating its schedule for a possible one-game playoff.

If the Tigers and Twins finish the season tied, a one-game playoff is scheduled for Monday, October 5. If Minnesota wins just one more game against Detroit, then the playoff is supposed to take place at the Metrodome.

But the Vikings have a home Monday Night game scheduled against the Packers that evening and the NFL can’t resist having Brett Favre play against his old team on national television. Never mind that it would be so much cooler if the first meeting was in Green Bay rather than Minnesota. The NFL gets what the NFL wants.

Unfortunately most of America has forgotten about baseball and I’m pretty sure everyone forgot about the American League Central in July.

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