Michigan and Trumbull

September 12, 2009 12:27 PM

Put him in coach!

Since TV stations made the dubious decision to not film piss drunk fans interrupting sporting events, the act of running onto a field has become the highest level of jackassery.

Unless you’re six.

Yes, last night, during the Tigers-Blue Jays game, a six-year old child (not pictured above) decided he’d have enough of the Tigers crappy pitching. So he ran out to the mound and took the rock himself.

I’m guessing if Jim Leyland had left him up there the kid wouldn’t have done half as bad as Nate Robertson.

Actually, according to a cameraman sitting near the Blue Jays dugout, the kid’s uncle said the youngster “had misunderstood his suggestion to go down to the railing and try to get a ball from the Toronto players.”

That child better work on his communication skills now. I could see him thirteen years from now thinking that grabbing a woman's breast is the appropriate response to his uncle's question, “Whose playing second base?”

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