Michigan and Trumbull

September 9, 2009 1:45 PM

See, what had happened was ... Royals 7, Tigers 5

I had to use a picture of Tom Selleck on this post because I needed something to cheer me up this morning.

I'm currently on a West coast trip and Internet has been spotty at best. Worst of all a storm that ripped through the area I'm staying in cut out the power when the Tigers were winning 5-4.

"It's OK," I said to myself. "The Tigers have this one in the bag."

Now I kind of wish the Internet was still out. Not that this loss will bum me out the entire day. Detroit is still at the top of the Central Division and 6-1 in September. But man, when things are rolling like they were during that six-game winning streak, it sucks when it comes to a crushing end.

Had Zack Greinke been on the mound and shut out Detroit for seven or eight innings, I would've tipped my cap.

But this was a game Detroit should've won. Blowing any lead late in the game, this late in the season, doesn't do much for confidence heading into the postseason (knock on wood). I don't believe this loss will send the Tigers into a tailspin but it's not the kind of loss they want to have too many times between now and the end of the season.

So let's honor the end of this six-game winning streak with a toast. Or in some cases with actual toast since it's morning. Here's to another six-game winning streak and some better fielding in the outfield.

And if my power goes out again, I hope the Tigers can actually keep the lead. I don't need another photo of Tom Selleck at the top of my posts.

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