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June 28, 2009 10:46 PM

No Idea What Luis Castillo Was Thinking

Nothing too fancy with this post, just something I picked up watching the Yankees-Mets game tonight.  In the bottom of the 4th, Castillo hit a two-out RBI single to bring in Fernando Martinez, cutting the lead to 3-2.  This brought up to bat the pitcher, Livan Hernandez.  In this situation it is almost assured that your pitcher will make an out and you will start off the next inning fresh with the top of your order.

Castillo then proceeded to steal second base.  I do not know if he was sent or if he went on his own, but this is the type of thing that would drive me nuts.  There is virtually no upside to this play.  If he is successful in his attempt, he gets into scoring position for the pitcher (who owns a .111 batting average) with two outs.  Useless.  As you can probably guess, Hernandez did not get on base.  And that is the good scenario!  The worst case scenario is that Castillo is thrown out at second, forcing Hernandez to start off the next inning, meaning the top of the order will more than likely be starting with one out instead of none.

To make matters even worse, Castillo did not slide but just kind of fell onto second base, nearly coming off the bag and being tagged out by Robinson Cano.  He was obviously not in the game for this play, and that bone-headed move almost cost the Mets a valuable out.  Oh well, at least he did not lose the game by dropping a routine fly ball... this time.

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