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July 18, 2009 1:45 AM

SS Julio Lugo Finally Released By The Boston Red Sox

When you have one less error than RBI, you know you are having a bad year, and probably feel pretty bad.  When you are the team paying this player $9 million dollars a season, you probably feel even worse.  This is the case with Julio Lugo, who the Red Sox finally cut ties with today.

With the emergence of Nick Green and the promotion of Clay Buchholz, Lugo found himself the odd man out on Boston's 25 man roster.  The scariest part is that this was his best season offensively for the Red Sox, with his .719 OPS trumping his .685 and .643 from the previous two seasons.  However, the area he was really dragging the Red Sox down was defence.  With a renewed emphasis on defence in MLB, Lugo's -43.2 UZR/150 was not going to cut it.  Nick Green, on the other hand, carried a .721 OPS this season and a much better 12.2 UZR/150.

Let's take a look at what $36 million bought the Red Sox:
  • 10 home runs
  • 114 runs
  • 46 RBI
  • 48 stolen bases 10 caught stealing
  • -6.1 UZR
  • Incalculable number of jock readjustments
Lugo finds himself on the list of players paid to just go away with the likes of BJ Ryan, Andruw Jones and Russ Ortiz.  The Red Sox are going to end up eating about $13 million dollars on this decision.  The worst part is that since he was so bad that the decision actually makes sense.  The Red Sox get a lot of credit for shrewd moves by their front office, so it is nice to see them make a big mistake.

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