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August 12, 2009 9:24 PM

Alex Rios Is the Vince Carter of Baseball

Not a huge post here, but something that popped into my head this evening and I thought I would share.  As everyone knows, Alex Rios had fallen out of favour with fans in Toronto and was claimed off trade waivers by the White Sox, and the Jays just let him go for nothing.  This got me thinking about another Toronto star... Vince Carter. 

·         They both began their careers in, and were eventually run out of, Toronto during the prime of their careers.  Rios is 28 and Carter was 27.

·         Neither of them brought anything of value back to Toronto when they were shipped out of town. 

·         They both have supreme natural talent. 

·         They both routinely mailed games in.

·         They never seemed to particularly care about defence, even though they could have been dominant defensive players with their talent. 

·         They were not particularly clutch players. 

·         They were both given too much money for players who a) had not proven they were winners, and b) did not show the work ethic and drive that is needed to succeed after they get the big contract.

I am sure there are plenty of more parallels that can be drawn between the two players, so feel free to comment if you can think of any others.  


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