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September 16, 2009 2:29 AM

All-Decade Leaders In Baseball

Tom Verducci wrote an article for SI today in which he revealed his All-Decade team for the aughts, and also mentioned the decade leaders for several important statistical categories.  However, they were boring categories like Home Runs, RBI, and ERA.  I knew before reading it who the leaders would be.  Pujols, Rodriguez, Pedro etc...  I am not going to bore you with my opinion on an All-Decade team, but instead bring you the decade leaders in some much more interesting categories.   

Hit By Pitch
1. Jason Kendall - 155
2. Jason Giambi - 138
3. David Eckstein -133
4. Craig Biggio - 132
5. Alex Rodriguez - 125

I was a little surprised to see Kendall at the top of this list, but Biggio's presence in the top five is made all the more impressive by the fact that he retired after the 2007 season.

Fun Fact: Chase Utley has been hit 87 times in the last four seasons, and 2009 is not even over yet.  If he had started his career five years sooner it would have been his name at the top of the list. 

Ground In To Double Plays
1. Miguel Tejada - 222
2. Paul Konerko - 192
3. Vlad Guerrero - 191
4. Albert Pujols - 178
5. Magglio Ordonez - 172

No surprise to see big clean-up hitters take the top spots as they see the most at-bats with runners on base. 

Fun Fact:  Vinny Castilla hit into exactly 22 double plays for four years running.  He is like the Adam Dunn of grounding into double plays. 

Pitcher's - Hit By Pitch
T1. Tim Wakefield/ Jeff Weaver - 106
3. Jamey Wright - 101
4. Vicente Padilla - 99
5. Chan Ho Park - 97

Going in I knew Wakefield would be number one.  No one is going to try to avoid that flutterball he throws. 

Fun Fact: If only Daniel Cabrera could have kept on pitching; he plunked 54 batters in only 884.1 innings.

Wild Pitches

1. Matt Clement - 88
T2. AJ Burnett/ John Lackey - 83
4. Miguel Batista - 79
5.Jose Contreras - 72

Lackey has by far the best BB/9 of the five at 2.64.  I guess when they get away they really get away.

Fun Fact:  Cabrera almost made the cut this time with 71 wild pitches. 

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