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September 9, 2009 12:50 AM

Prince Fielder Blows Up The Brewers After Walk-Off Home Run

As most of you have probably seen, the Brewers had quite the celebration planned for Prince Fielder's game winning home run on Sunday.  Fielder jumped into the crowd of players and exploded like a bomb while his teammates fell to the ground, which is a common celebration in football.

Call me old school but I do not think there is room for that in baseball.  For starters, there is a level of respect in baseball not present in the NBA and NFL, and players are chastised for admiring their home runs for a little too long.  K-Rod gets chirped for pumping his fists too much after saves.  In my years of being involved with baseball I have never seen anything quite like what the Brewers did.  Expect some retribution the next time Fielder faces the Giants, which unfortunately will not be until next year.  If the teams had been slated to play again Monday, I doubt Fielder would have pulled this stunt because he knows he would be getting a 95 MPH heater in the ribs. 

This is the same guy who charged the other team's clubhouse because he got thrown at.  Seems a little hypocritical to me.  Let's hear what veteran and classy guy Torii Hunter had to say about the situation:

"If I was a pitcher, I'd be [ticked] off.  My mouth would be wide open. I'd be shocked. Baseball is not like the NFL, where you can celebrate in the end zone. You've got to keep your cool, play the game. You can't do that."

And Joe Saunders:

"It was original. Fans like to see it. But as a player, it's a little over the top."

While I agree with these guys in that fans like to see entertainment, I think that is what the NFL and NBA are for.  Baseball is lead by stand-up guys like Albert Pujols, not Chad Ochocinco and Ron Artest. 

That is just my opinion.

P.S.  I apologize for the delay in my posts.  I moved to New York City last week so I was in the process of getting settled.  Everything should be back to normal  

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