Par for the Course

August 25, 2009 5:35 PM

The FedEx Cup.....YAWN......

The third installment of the most worthless playoff system in sports gets underway this week at the Barclays, held at the Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City, New Jersey.
While props should be given to the PGA Tour for tweaking the format enough to force the season points leaders into showing up for the first of the four-tournament format, the fact remains that having points determine a playoff winner just doesn't create a true playoff atmosphere.
You have an off day or two in the NFL, NBA or MLB playoffs and you are toast. Have an off day or two in the FedEx Cup and you live to play next week. Which is why I'd like to see one last change to the FedEx Cup to make it a true playoff and increase the tension, and pressure on all of the players. Use the season-long points to determine the Top 30 players. Those 30 would be the only ones competing on the course that week while, like they do during the week of the British Open, the rest of the PGA players will compete in another tournament elsewhere during the four-week long playoffs.
After four days, the Top 20 players will advance to the next week's event and play in Week 2 at the Duetche Bank Championship at TPC Boston in Norton, Massachusetts . After that four-day tournament concludes, the Top 10 earn a berth in Week 3 at the BMW Championship in Illinois which will trim the field down to a Top 4 and those four would play a four-round tournament in Week 4 at The Tour Championship in Atlanta to determine the season's champion.
This would force someone to play four solid weeks of golf, making it more likely that we would really get the best player of the year hoisting the Cup, as opposed to someone getting hot and winning two events early then coasting the next two weeks, i.e. Vijay Singh's victory last year.
Will it ever happen? Doubtful, but a fella can dream can't he?

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