Par for the Course

September 22, 2009 5:15 PM

Off week still eventful

So we take a week off from the chase for the FedEx CUp in the PGA and you think that means all's quiet on the golfing front do you?
Not so fast.
A 57-year-old Southern California man decided to pay tribute to fallen duffers everywhere by throwing golf balls out his car window while driving through Joshua Tree National Park, located in the Mojave Dessert just northeast of Los Angeles.
By the time park rangers discovered who had been tossing the golf balls in the park, Douglas Jones had deposited nearly 3,000 golf balls in the dessert. Park rangers, who had to pick up each golf ball, along with some other items Jones left in the park for various reason, were not amused.
Jones, who started his unique tribute in 2007, faces possible jail time and fines for his littering ways, which included tennis balls, cans of fruit and vegetables and park produced literature.
Jones, who lives in La Quinta, CA, no doubt collected his high number of golf balls for high speed pitching from his place of employment - a nearby golf course.
His case is pending.
Meanwhile, half a world away, 64-year-old Ruth Day is being hailed by many, and probably cursed by others, for carding two holes-in-one. In the same round.
Playing the Whitley Bay Golf Club on Sept. 9, Day aced the 149-yard third hole and repeated the feat on the 161-yard 13th hole. Day, a retiree, took up the game just 10 years ago.
It took me 26 years to card my first and, so far, only ace. ESPN columnist Rick Reilly played for 38 years and went to extraordinary lengths to get his first ace. So we can appreciate just how special Day's feat is.
For those golfers still looking for their first ace, they are no doubt grumbling in the 19th hole beers about how one golfer gets two aces in the same round while dreaming about the glorious day to come when the finally get their first ace.
Keep firing folks, if duffers like Reilly and I can do it, you can too.

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