Paul's Redbird Report

September 9, 2009 4:21 PM

The Cardinals' Magical Season

Tuesday night's 4-3 Cardinal comeback win over Milwaukee was a prime example why this could become a magical seasonal for the Redbirds.

John Smoltz put the visitors in a 3-0 hole, but they kept chipping away and final beat the Brewers late. Albert Pujols hit a solo homer and then Matt Holliday's two-run shot in the nine inning won it.

The Cardinals pulled away from the NL Central pack in August and continue to play top-notch baseball in September.

Again, momentum moved to the Cardinal's side after they acquired Julio Lugo, Mark DeRosa and Holliday. The pitching has been solid all season, but the trades sparked the offense.

If I was the Dodgers, Phillies, Rockies (or some other wild card team), I would be leery of the Redbirds in the postseason. They seem prime for a great run.

Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainright have anchored the starting pitching with a huge assist from Joel Pineiro. Ryan Franklin, for the most part, has been a sellar closer. Plus, opposing pitchers face Pujos, Holliday and Ryan Ludwick in the middle of the lineup. The Cardinals have table setters before those three and guys who can also hit behind them.

I like the Cardinals' chances in the postseason. Do you think they will truly make a magical run?

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