Paul's Redbird Report

November 10, 2009 11:51 AM

Matt Holiday: Please Remain in STL

The Matt Holliday sweepstakes will begin in earnest in about a week or so. Only Holliday, and maybe his agent Steve Boras, knows if the Cardinals stand a decent chance of landing him. The following is a letter that I would write Holliday if I could reach him.
Dear Matt, I hope you enjoyed your playing days in St. Louis this past summer and will stay for a long, long time. I had an opportunity to visit Busch Stadium this past summer myself. I saw you hit a home run. You look good in Cardinal Red. I trust you experienced the passion of St. Louis Cardinals' baseball. St. Louis is a great baseball town and has great baseball fans. Do you like how the fans dress in red? It reminds me of a college football Saturday. Now about your free agent contact. You are going to make lots of money. And if it is all about the money, then yes you better not return to St. Louis. I know the Cardinals can offer you good money but not the blank check like some teams might offer you. But I sense you are more than about money. You care about quality of life, playing on a good team with truly professional players in a professional organization. If that is the case, then St. Louis has lots to offer. Sounds like you have been working out with Mark McGwire. I sense you know his Cardinal passion. You could hang out with him during the season now. You could also continue to bat behind the best player in baseball--Albert Pujols. And how about playing for a Hall of Fame Manager in Tony LaRussa? So again, Matt, I hope you stay with the Cardinals. But I also hope you make the best decision for you, your wife and your family whatever that is. Thanks for hearing me out. Best, Paul

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