Paul's Redbird Report

November 20, 2009 10:17 AM

Wainwright Deserved Better

I think the Baseball Writer's of America need to recount their ballots. They named the wrong guy for the Cy Young Award. could they select Tim Lincecum over Adam Wainwright? Lincecum posted a little better ERA (2.48 to 2.63) and had more strikeouts (261 to 212), but that was basically it. He won 15 games. Hardly Cy Young stuff. Plus, he pitched for a team that didn't even make the playoffs.

Wainwright experienced a breakout year. He was 19-8 and had one chance to record his 20th win. He was a dominating pitcher for the most part. Almost on every team besides the Cardinals, Wainwright would be the No. 1 starter. He and Chris Carpenter were the horses that helped St. Louis to the postseason.

The debate will always center around Carpenter taking votes away from Wainwright. Carpenter finished second in the balloting and that was a good choice. He went 17-4 with a 2.24 ERA. Wainwright and Carpenter should have finished first and second. But how did Wainwright finish third? Lincecum should have been in the third slot. Instead he received the love Wainwright deserved.

What do you think? Did Wainwright get the short end of the three pitcher race?

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