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August 27, 2009 4:03 AM

Phillies Closer Experiment #1: Fail

Who's next?

Ryan Madson has blown more saves (5) than he has successfully converted (4).

I've heard everything from bringing back Mitch Williams to calling up Scott Mathieson who is just coming back from Tommy John surgery in 2006 and another elbow injury in 2007.

I'm tired, I want to move on...Brad Lidge is the closer--win or lose.

Thank you Ryan Howard for being awesome and saving the Phillies the humiliation of blowing two consecutive games to the Pirates.

Howard: 35 hr's, 107 RBI's..


With the high probability that Michael Vick will play tomorrow, the city is buzzing. Will Andy Reid show a wildcat formation (unlikely)? Will Vick play so well that it begins a huge controversy over who is the Eagles starting QB (even more unlikely but interesting)?

This is the most anticipated preseason game in the NFL and my interest is more on how will Joe Mays play at middle linebacker. I want to see Quintin Demps inflict some pain from free safety. LeSean McCoy has had a lot of carriers this preseason and I really would like him to escape the preseason free from injury.

Oh and of course I'd love to see Michael Vick take off down the field but my point is he is not the most important piece of the puzzle in tomorrow's game.

My early prediction for this team...9-7...wild card.

I reserve the right to make my final prediction before week one.

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