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August 30, 2009 8:24 AM

Vick Recap & Phillies hold a 7 game lead

I really do not enjoy doing this but being that I am writing a blog regarding Philadelphia Sports I feel it is necessary to give what I observed of Michael Vick's debut in Philadelphia--before I talk about more serious matters at the moment such as the 1st place Philadelphia Phillies.

Vick showed up to a standing ovation. Some sports journalists in the city thought the fans would booo incisively, not sure why they predicted such a reaction, but regardless custom Vick jerseys and t-shirts are all over the city. Outside of Lincoln Financial Field on Thursday there were a hand full of protesters and anti-Vick signage---again more was wrongfully and illogically predicted (but there were a few protesters at Broad and Pattison).

Let's just say that if Donovan McNabb or the Eagles offense struggles, this signing will be more interesting and dramatic than ANYTHING that happened with Terrell Owens (including the sit ups in his driveway and the locker room fight).

Three preseason games down, one more to go and the Birds do not look very sharp but that could be part of the proven coaching staffs master plan. I might be wrong here but I don't think the Patriots that went 16-0 did not have a winning record in the preseason.

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On to what really matters at the end of If the rain would stop in Philadelphia we might be able to see a very important series play out for the NL East Pennet. Pedro Martinez's last 2 starts were interrupted by rain and ironically the guy Martinez was brought in to replace, Jamie Moyer, has pitched the lions share of the innings. Not only that, but Moyer has pitched very well since Martinez's arrival.

Tonight, Cliff Lee showed that he was human but knowing that pitchers are creatures of habit and do not like to have their routines alternate in any way--I might give Lee a free pass tonight since the game was delayed 30-45 minutes (I despise excuses but I love Cliff Lee).

Jayson Werth was honored before the game for being the MLB Player of the Week last week. It is August 30th, the Phillies lead the Braves by 7 games which is the second largest division lead in all of baseball, and the final game of the series is tonight at 8pm on ESPN (Joe Blanton vs. Jair Jurrjens). Tune in for that. Weather forecasts are optimistic in Philadelphia so it should be a great finale.

The Giants come into Philly on Tuesday-Thursday to try and gain ground on the NL Wild card leading Rockies, they have a 1 game lead.

Looking ahead, dare I say the Phillies schedule does not look too difficult--prepare yourself for third straight playoff appearance.


Correction regarding "Happ for ROY" post: Pablo Sandoval had 15 at-bats more than the alloted 130 last season to allow him to retain his rookie status. With that said, J.A. Happ in my opinion should definitely win the NL Rookie of the Year.

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