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September 12, 2009 4:45 AM

The Big Baby

The Eagles franchise, 26 year old offensive linemen, Shawn Andrews, is a dominant and gifted football player.

He has a love-able, youthful personality that earned him the nickname "The Big Kid." Andrew lists Willy Wonka as his favorite movie of all time and owns a framed copy of a golden ticket. A few years ago, he went up against professional sumo wrestlers outside of the NovaCare Complex. He even sports a dyed "bro hawk" hairdo to show that he can joke around and have fun.

BUT...he has rarely been on the field since 2007 and many issues have arouse from the start of training camp in 2008. The 6-4, 335 pound guard/tackle has had many people in Philadelphia asking questions about his heart, maturity, loyalty, dedication, mental/physical/emotional stability, desire to play name it.

After the Eagles took Andrews with 16th selection overall in the 2004 draft, he stood out from the rest of the guards in the NFC and made the Pro Bowl in 2006 and 2007 (he was the 1st alternate in 2005).

His play on the field and his personality made him a fan favorite--so much so that many people (myself included) still have hope for him and believe he will return to being an integral part of the Eagles offense in 2009.
The trouble began when it was reported that Andrews was unable to work out with the team in training camp last year because of mental health reasons. The Eagles front office did an amazing job this off season in acquiring two-time Pro Bowl and All Pro selection OT Jason Peters who happened to be Andrews roommate at Arkansas. They also brought in Shawn's older brother and former starter for the Cincinnati Bengals Stacey Andrews. Now, Shawn has talent and emotional support on the O-line and in the locker room, but he is still unable to get himself on the field.

Going into the season opener against the Carolina Panthers, it would have been nice to have "The Big Kid" going up against Julius Peppers instead of Winston Justice.

All of the questions and concerns with Shawn Andrews will be put to rest once he gets on the field and we all anxiously await that day.


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