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September 11, 2009 3:36 PM

The Comeback that almost was...

Last night was the most enjoyable, exciting lose I may have ever seen from a Phillies team.

Down, 8-2 in the 9th against the Nationals...a Matt Stairs grand slam...some small ball from the top of the lineup and then the big man, Ryan Howard up with a man on first and third with one out and down 8-7.

The Nationals catcher, Wil Nieves, had difficulty all inning keeping the ball in front of him and the rain was pouring down so I was screaming at the TV...SEND UTLEY!!! He hasn't been caught yet this season (18 SB-0 CS), it would put the go ahead run in scoring position, it would remove the chances of a double play (which is what happened), and with Shane Victorino on third the Nats might not have even made an attempt to through down to second base.

Brad Lidge came in during the 8th and struck out two batters after giving up a triple to Willy Harris. One strike out came in a nine pitch battle against Ryan Zimmerman...when you are struggling like Lidge you have to find the positives wherever you can and build off of them.


The Marlins are five games back...time for the fightins to get their minds out of the dogs days of summer and into shape for October ball.

Here is a link to explain the significance of having four, 30 home run guys on one team:

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