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September 10, 2009 3:41 AM

The State of the Eagles

Before I get into all the Eagle talk as they approach the season opener in Carolina let me say that I think the Phillies will win the world series and become the 22nd repeat champions since 1903 (I looked it up and counted...try me). Even with the bullpen issues and mini heart attacks night in and night out, they will win. We've got the defense, offense, and starting pitching...we will win (think, repeat, reality).

Ok--The State of the Eagles

Team President shared that he observed new wrinkles in the Eagles offense during practice that he has never seen before in the NFL. He thinks the teams youth and athleticism will result in a even more explosive and aggressive offense--last season the Eagles set a franchise record for points scored.

In case you haven't heard--Omar Gaither is slotted to start at Middle Linebacker and rookie Macho Harris will be the first man to replace Brian Dawkins at Free Safety. This could be good for Quintin Demps and Sean Jones because as they say, "You don't want to be the guy who replaces the legend, you want to be the guy who replaces the guy who replaced the legend." (It's something to that effect..anyway).

Jeremiah Trotter spoke at the event tonight at Lincoln Financial Field and he kept talking about how good of shape he was in and how he would consider coming back to play!!!!!!!

Other speakers hinted that Andy Reid was two years ahead of the curve by getting Michael Vick because the NFL will eventually adapt the spread offense philosophy that majority of college teams have. They called Michael Vick the best spread offense QB of all time....please don't let there be QB drama (I am sadly getting the feeling that there will be..eeekk).

Prediction for week 1: Carolina wins 28-24. But I hope I am wrong. Gaither and Harris will be weaknesses. The Eagles running game will be ineffective because the O line has had little time to work together and Westbrook will play through any injury.

Soon it will be time to throw in some Flyers and Sixers talk but first...the Phils will win the world series (think, repeat, reality).

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