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November 30, 2009 3:08 AM


Allen Iverson returning to the Sixers makes sense for everyone. It has been documented how much Phiiverson0206.jpgladelphia loves him and how he loves us--- (the reverse has also been documented but we won't talk about that here).

With Louis Williams out for at least 2 months, the Sixers are in need of a point guard because Jrue Holiday is the youngest player in the NBA and needs time before he leads the Sixers. With Iverson's career reaching its conclusion, the legend wants to start. With the Sixers now at 5-12, the franchise needs to compete with the succeeding Phillies, Eagles, and Flyers organizations that are selling tickets easily. With little to cheer about, Sixers fans need to find something to keep them interested.

Once again, Allen Iverson is "The Answer" to all of these issues.

Iverson will surely start for the Sixers (A.I. wins), the Sixers will probably not make the playoffs regardless of whether they have Iverson or not (The Sixers franchise wins in the long run and will get a high draft pick), and Iverson will return to glory in the place that made him famous (the entire NBA wins, A.I. wins, the Sixers fans and franchise wins).

Consider another important factor on why Iverson coming back to Philadelphia makes sense...No other team wants him right now. If he does not end up with the Sixers soon, he will have to play the waiting game for a contending team to lose a guard and then need to find a replacement.  

The Answer is an icon in the game of basketball and especially Sixers basketball...he is on the the Sixers Mount Rushmore with Doctor J, Wilt the Stilt, and The Round Mound of Rebound "Sir Charles." His career resume has first ballot Hall of Fame written all over it.

He is a living legend and the NBA will be better with him playing this season...and then retiring from the team where it all began (date TBD). Iverson's story thus far is amazing, now the final chapter has to be written.

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